Why did younger voters back Corbyn's Labour in the General Election?


He received a standing ovation from all but two members, and the tone of the meeting was very much about how well Labour had done.

As illustrated above, when you revert effectively, in England and Wales at least, to a two-party system, and Labour maximises the anti-Tory vote, how do you then move from an uplifting vote for Labour and a catastrophic defeat for the Conservatives, to the real world of a win for Labour and all but terminal defeat for the Conservatives? They may have lost the election but they have won the party and that makes him our strong and stable leader for the foreseeable future despite the glumbuckets within the party. While some would love to cart us all off to the gulag, that's not the best way for Labour to make progress.

There was Jeremy Corbyn celebrating Labour's famous victory and his shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, was making plans for the Queen's Speech and boasting of forming the next government. Such was the opposition from the right-wing parliamentary party that he lost a vote of confidence 170 to 40 past year.

They were there for the election of the speaker, which saw John Bercow win praise from all sides of the house as he was re-elected unanimously.

The result has also sent a signal that people in Scotland are not as fixated with the prospect of Indyref2 as the SNP are - a view which I expressed to Tommy Sheppard only recently when we had filmed an election blind date for the Victoria Derbyshire show. The results may therefore lead to some softening of the approach to Brexit, but a weakened May will also face a more united bloc of European Union leaders who will seek concessions from the UK that ensure their own voters do not view life outside the European Union as an attractive cause.

Asked, "how much longer?", Mr Portillo replied: "I would be amazed if she made it to the conference which is in October". 'But they are doing something about it.

We have already announced that we will provide three years of free post-secondary school education to increase access to quality education. They are trying to defenestrate their leader - and she won. To that parliamentary chorus we can add pressure from business leaders. However on the doorstep, UKIP voters will often give Jeremy Corbyn a fair hearing. They failed to remove him in 2016.

That, if we are to replicate it, will mean (hold your breath) winning substantial Tory votes and many Tory abstentions. 'Everybody is knackered, no-one is listening, ' says one MP.

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The British general elections led to dramatic gains for the left.

Some of them have done this publicly.

Mr Corbyn achieved a similar feat in clawing back most of the huge lead enjoyed by Mrs May in personal approval ratings, he said. Chuka Umunna made similar comments.

"The Prime Minister would have been shouted at by residents but she should have been willing to take that".

He told the Commons: 'I'm sure she'll agree with me that democracy is a wondrous thing, and can throw up some very unexpected results.

Members of the Bexhill and Battle Labour Party are celebrating a "major breakthrough" in the area after nearly doubling the vote in the General Election.

Bradshaw was the only centrist MP The Spectator spoke to who wanted to go on the record about the result.

Writing on Twitter, the East Worthing and Shoreham MP, who saw his majority slashed by nearly 10,000 in last week's election, said: "State Opening in Royal Ascot week - having pi**ed off most pensioners with our manifesto PM determined to include our most pre-eminent one too".