Whole Foods CEO Says Amazon Connection Was 'Love at First Sight'


A Whole Foods Market purchase awaits placement in a auto trunk.

Maybe we're just new to the industry but according to insiders, mega-grocery mergers sound like where financial M&A meet erotic sexual denial role-playing. And it was like, "This is gonna be so incredible".

Amazon buying Austin-based grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion certainly falls into the latter category. "We're not changing our quality standards", he told his employees.

"Taking a step back in the sector at large, we continue to believe investors will have more defense versus Amazon's domination if they follow our Super Stock theory". And- these guys are really smart people.

In order to shop, customers download the free Amazon Go app, and swipe their phone screens to scan a QR code as they enter the store through sleek turnstiles.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey apparently knows what we're talking about. "They will push pretty heavily to integrate Whole Foods with Amazon, I'm sure there'll be Prime rewards for shopping at Whole Foods", Barnett says". "They put the customer first in everything they do and think backwards".

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods sent stock prices plummeting for other grocers. But Mackey promised a big shift in focus. "If there ever was a time crunch, I'd consider it", he said.

Grocery experts say that an Amazon-owned Whole Foods is bound to result in lower grocery prices, among other customer-friendly initiatives.

Technology will replace the cashier jobs at Whole Foods, using sensor technology that's being pioneered at the experimental Amazon Go store concept in Seattle, according to the report.

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"I think we're going to get a lot of those innovations in our stores", he said.

What exactly might these innovations be? The online shopping giant will have at least 460 physical stores to try out new methods with its Amazon delivery service.

Amazon shares also rose as Wall Street analysts lauded the proposed $42-per-share deal and bet that the company would prevail in any bidding battle.

Amazon.com and Whole Foods have already revealed their different styles.

"There are no guarantees in life", Mackey said in response to a final question from an audience member to wrap the meeting.

"Amazon is known to scale experiments very quickly". "They spent about a decade trying to crack the code on fresh food".

"We could have talked for 10 hours", he said. "I dreamed that we merged with Amazon", he said.

However, Amazon has been signaling its interest to enter the food industry.

"This will only help Amazon, whole foods consumers, this is a win-win for everyone", says Lempert. But Whole Foods has lost market share to rivals Kroger Co, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Costco Wholesale Corp and others that have elbowed into the natural and organic segment Whole Foods pioneered.