Where things stand with Special Counsel Mueller's Russian Federation probe


If the Post story turns out to be real news, what we will have is an investigation of an impossible crime being conducted by a special counsel who is burdened by severe conflicts and supervised by another conflicted official.

The Washington Post reported on June 14 that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed after Comey's termination to oversee the Russian Federation investigation, had widened his probe to examine if the President attempted to obstruct justice, or intentionally tamper with investigations surrounding himself or his associates. "Because of a leak from The Washington Post". In that role, Mueller is not independent - he answers to Rosenstein (because Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, is recused).

Sekulow responded that Trump's firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey does not amount to obstruction of justice, before sparring with Cuomo over leaks to the press.

But on the Sunday talk shows, his lawyer Jay Sekulow said that the president's Tweet was in response to a Washington Post story quoting unnamed sources and that the problem was Twitter's strict limit on characters.

The president has denied that he has any nefarious ties to Russian Federation and has also disputed that he's attempted to block the investigation into his campaign's possible role in Russia's election-related hacking.

It would be illegal, under the Presidential Records Act, for anyone in the White House to attempt to destroy those records, he added.

In a contentious exchange, "New Day" host Chris Cuomo rejected Sekulow's claims, arguing that Mueller did not have an obligation to inform the president he was under investigation.

Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted that he's being investigated over the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

"Just because you haven't been notified doesn't mean you're not under investigation", Cuomo replied.

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Trump's tweets following the report appeared to confirm the investigation, but his lawyer said it only appeared that way because of the character limit on Twitter.

Sekulow says that Trump hasn't been notified of any investigation.

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Sekulow says that when people study the 2016 presidential election, they'll look back at Trump's communications as "the most successful utilization of social media platforms and communication in our lifetime".

One possible problem with Kushner putting together a better legal team from which to seek advice than the President is he could turn on Trump in order to save himself. Running for president, he took a swipe August 8 at a just-released unemployment number, saying, "This 5 percent figure is one of the biggest hoaxes in modern American politics". He had conversations with the President.

The president has denied any illegal dealings with Russian Federation during the election or that he tried to block the investigation. The committee also sent a letter to Comey asking for any notes or memos.

"Number two, the actions the president took regarding the removal of James Comey from office after consultation with others in a deliberative process, is what presidents do, is not based on which an obstruction case could be based constitutionally". Schiff said if the panel can't get an answer then he believes a subpoena will be needed.

Some of Sekulow's exchanges with Wallace were tense and confusing, leading Wallace to say, "Oh boy, this is weird".

And Senate Intelligence Committee member Angus King, an independent from ME, stressed that the probe will likely last for a long time.