Video captures teen falling from ride at Six Flags


Amusement park goers in upstate NY came to the rescue of 14-year-old girl who had slipped out of a gondola ride and was left dangling 25 feet off the ground. A crowd gathers around to catch her and a man climbs a tree to clear branches out of the way before she lets go, hits a tree, and falls 25 feet into the crowd.

Park spokeswoman Jessica Hansen says there appeared to be no malfunction on the ride, but that Six Flags has closed the attraction for further review. The person sitting next to her indicated that the girl was being choked by the ride's safety bar. The girl eventually lets go, and strikes a tree before landing in the arms of the crowd. The video showed onlookers cheering after the girl was caught and then the girl being carried away, limp. And catch her they did, keeping her from crashing into the ground and narrowly avoiding a truly awful accident.

The ride is apparently a slow-moving, gondola-style ride that had been stopped after the operator learned there was a rider in distress.

"No-one wants to put himself underneath a body like that, but I couldn't stand by and watch". The girl, from Greenwood, Delaware, reportedly suffered no serious injuries as a result of her fall.

The girl was treated by park emergency medics at the scene and transported to a nearby hospital.

"Looking at her today knowing she was alright because of me and my daughter, made it worth it", Howard said.

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Howard, a contractor from Schenectady, was treated for a minor back injury.

"I said: "It's OK!"

The incident occurred on the gondola ride, which travels above the park.

"At the end of the day, whatever happened, we saved this girl's life, and now she's got a second chance", Winchell said.

When asked whether the girl's evacuation from the ride had followed protocol, Wood did not specify but said that all rides have a "standard evacuation plan".

At the time of writing, the Sky Ride is listed on the theme park's website as "temporarily closed". The park issued a statement that said the safety of guests is a top priority.