USA woman faces manslaughter for texting suicidal boyfriend to do it


Michelle Carter is charged with Manslaughter.

In openings, prosecutors argued Michelle Carter craved sympathy and attention from other girls at school, seeking to be the "grieving girlfriend" who wasn't able to stop her boyfriend from killing himself.

Michelle Carter badgered her emotionally troubled boyfriend to take his own life before portraying herself as a grieving girlfriend, a MA prosecutor said Tuesday.

The indictment was telling.

Roy, from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, died of carbon monoxide poisoning after he attached a water hose to his exhaust pipe in July 2014.

Roy family members react when crime-scene photos are projected during the trial of Michelle Carter, Tuesday, June 6, 2017, in Taunton, Mass. Carter is charged with manslaughter for allegedly using text messages to encourage her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, 18, to kill himself. "I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing", "You just have to do it" and "It's painless and quick". You just have to do it. "All you have to do is turn the generator on and you will be free and happy", she reportedly wrote. "They will always carry you in their hearts".

Carter also suffers from her own mental illness issues, Cataldo said, and was taking medications that may have clouded her judgment, according to CBS News.

They say she asked Roy to erase her text messages before he passed, but the messages on Roy's phone showed that the two texted right up until the moment of Roy's death. They communicated mostly through text messages and phone calls.

The night of his death, Roy was apparently scared and got out of his vehicle, but according to the retrieved text messages, Carter told him to "get back in". I couldn't do it.

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The day before, authorities say, Carter had urged him to go through with his plan to commit suicide. So I like, started giving up because nothing I did was helping - and but I should have tried harder.

The trial is jury-waived and will be decided by the judge, who curtailed the prosecution's plans to play a taped statement from Roy found on his computer before admitting it into evidence. I was talking to him while he killed himself. "She assured him his family would understand". "His family will hate me and I can go to jail".

Carter's lawyer, Joseph Cataldo, said his client tried to help Roy for months, and that he broke her down through a barrage of texts and social media messages indicating that he wanted to die.

Judge Lawrence Moniz will now decide her guilt or innocence after analyzing the evidence - which exclusively comprise of dozens upon dozens of messages the two shared, where she allegedly mocked him when he tried to back out of killing himself. Carter said she wanted to be his Juliet, but she didn't want them to die.

"Okay. I'm nearly there", Roy replied, his final text back.

"Yes, no more thinking", Carter wrote. In addition, her counsel also argued that the texts between the two should be classified as Freedom of Speech and not coercion.

But Carter's defense lawyers, as well as civil liberties advocates, say there is no law against encouraging someone to commit suicide in MA (unlike many other states).

In the ruling, the court found that Carter's "virtual presence" at the time of the suicide and the "constant pressure" she had placed on Roy, who was in a delicate mental state, were enough proof for an involuntary manslaughter charge.