US, NK officials ahead of student's release


Tensions have escalated on the Korean peninsula over North Korea's nuclear and missile tests and its vow to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the US mainland, presenting US President Donald Trump with perhaps his most pressing security worry. The University of Virginia confirmed that the 22-year-old student is in a coma.

The 22-year-old is now being treated in hospital after the flight carrying him landed in OH on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old contracted botulism last year and is in "bad shape", a source close to the family told CNN.

After a short trial on 16 March, Mr Warmbier was given a 15-year prison sentence for crimes against the state.

'We've been praying for him, his parents, and now the people transporting him back home, ' Miller said after Warmbier's release. "Everybody feels a sense of relief that he is coming back to the United States", said Amy Mayer.

"I hope there will be a political decision soon to restore dialogue through practical steps and resolve relevant issues through dialogue and negotiations so we can make constructive efforts together", he said.

"I am pretty much sure that he is happy with the fact that I am here trying to accomplish something that we both need", Rodman said, when asked if he had spoken with Trump.

Warmbier grew up in the Cincinnati area and was the salutatorian of the 2013 graduating class at Wyoming High School, according to a WLWT-5 report.

The latest visit comes amid high tensions between Washington and Pyongyang - which is now holding 4 Americans - following a series of missile tests by the North, which have triggered tightened United Nations sanctions. Sentence: 12 years of hard labor each, with no chance for appeal. Three more Americans are still detained.

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Warmbier, 22, a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati, arrived in the U.S. on Tuesday evening, witnesses said.

Do you remember the U.S student who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour last year for trying to steal a propaganda poster from a hotel in North Korea?

In a statement, the family said: "We want the world to know how we and our son have been brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime".

They also said they are grateful he "will finally be with people who love him".

Officials involved in securing Warmbier's release told The Washington Post that it had nothing to do with Rodman's trip to Pyongyang, calling it a "bizarre coincidence" that might have been a deliberate ploy from North Korea to distract from Warmbier's condition. The official referred to them as "hostages".

Prince Marketing Group, which represents Rodman, did not comment on any PotCoin sponsorship in a statement regarding Rodman's trip to North Korea.

Flamboyant former National Basketball Association star Dennis Rodman arrived in North Korea Tuesday, June 13 after saying he wants to "open the door" to the regime and claiming that US President Donald Trump would be pleased with his mission.

North Korea has freed an imprisoned USA citizen from its custody, Turkey's Anadolu Agency (AA) reported Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as saying on Tuesday. The North Koreans agreed and he was flown out on Tuesday. The U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with the reclusive country and works through Sweden to deal with North Korean officials. A 2009 visit by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, secured the freedom of American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Josh Earnest, President Barack Obama's press secretary, said at the time of Warmbier's conviction that it was "increasingly clear that the North Korean government seeks to use these USA citizens as pawns to pursue a political agenda".