Tweet That: #covfefe signals @realDonaldTrump is back


The tweet immediately went viral and became one of the president's more popular posts before it was taken down after almost six hours online.

That's right. Trump sent out the mysterious tweet shortly after midnight on Wednesday (May 31st), writing the freakish word in the context of the sentence: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

Nearly immediately, #covfefe began trending as the mirth-makers of the Internet had their fun.

At 12:06 am ET (04:06 GMT), Trump wrote: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

Chris covers the amusing side of the game for ESPN FC in the Toe Poke blog. When he posted a late night tweet, the Internet went insane.

Which means we still don't know what he meant.

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Taking aim at Trump's controversial relations with Russia, one woman on Twitter quipped that she had translated "covfefe" into Russian, attaching a doctored image that showed the gibberish word to be a translation of "I resign". At 8:30 a.m. (GMT), Trump's "covfefe" tweet had more than 105,000 retweets and had been shared 35,000 times, according to Twitter figures.

But the president is not required to prove that he's done so, and although the White House has claimed that Trump's deleted tweets are being recorded, it hasn't offered any proof yet. "Regrets checking Twitter. Goes back to bed". "Sean Spicer tomorrow", read one tweet, mentioning the president's spokesman.

Donald Trump has been active on Twitter since his return from his first overseas trip as president.

"His usage of it in context of news media is abundantly clear that he thinks reporters are cut from the same material as the "fefe" used in prison and that reporters have the same stench as toxic fumes as association with "cov".

Thanks to a Twitter typo, "covfefe", President Donald Trump might have fat-fingered his way into unifying the nation.