Trump's strong speech to Muslim leaders could have been stronger


But for the most part, Trump's first day on foreign soil proceeded without major hiccups.

Jewish groups praised President Donald Trump's historic speech in Saudi Arabia calling on Muslim countries to confront Islamic extremism. He was speaking in Saudi Arabia, Islam's homeland, to an global gathering of Muslim leaders about a topic that Trump has used in the past to inflame tension rather than seek conciliation.

Trump in his speech called Hamas a terror group, leading to this response from the group that controls Gaza: "The depiction of Hamas as a terror organization by Trump makes clear the American bias on behalf of the occupation, and is aligned with the enemy's policies".

On Saturday the U.S. and Saudi Arabia announced an arms deal worth almost $110 billion (98 billion euros), which was described as the largest in United States history. "We fear this "new partnership" could lay the foundation for further erosion of human rights in the region and far beyond", said Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA executive director. The White House-driven effort is a sharp shift from the practice of USA previous administrations that typically gave secretaries of state those reins.

A senior USA official traveling with Trump said Washington understands what he described as Israel's "completely legitimate" concerns and pledged to help the Jewish state maintain its military advantage.

"Tremendous investments in the United States", Trump said on Saturday at talks with Saudi King Salman. But it was another stark reminder for the president that his troubles at home, including the investigation of his ties to Russian Federation and his firing of FBI Director James Comey, have followed him across the ocean on his multi-nation journey. Even the White House press corps making the trip on a separate plane from Riyadh to Tel Aviv had to make a technical stop in Cyprus before proceeding to Israel.

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Neither Melania nor Ivanka Trump have worn headscarves during the visit, following the tradition of other presidential spouses who visited Saudi Arabia. While Trump campaigned as a strident opponent of the nuclear deal, his administration is still reviewing whether to scrap the accord.

Instead, he used the term "Islamist extremism", which refers to Islamism as political movement rather than Islam as a religion, a distinction that he had frequently criticized the administration of his predecessor Barack Obama for making. They're not allowed to drive in the country, work with men, or get married without a male guardian's permission.Bellowing into the microphone, he implored Muslim leaders to aggressively fight extremists - "Drive them out of your places of worship".

The President edited the speech with his aides during the 14-hour journey from Washington, Spicer said.

The new counter-terrorism center, known as Etidal, tweeted from its official account that it is created to bring "prime technology together with Saudi expertise and worldwide partnership to eradicate extremism".

"That would not have been a part of a speech that I would have delivered", Rubio said in his own appearance on CNN.