Trump 'weakened' West, hurt European Union interests: German FM


"They met in Washington extensively".

Von der Leyen reiterated Germany's position that NATO's European members indeed must step up defence spending, as they had already agreed to do over coming years.

The sharp words from Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Monday came after Trump concluded his first official tour overseas, which took him to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Brussels and then Italy for a G7 summit. While Europe's failure to act as a common front during the Balkan wars in the 1990s engendered contempt; Europe's overdependence on the USA defense umbrella has been something that Washington simultaneously complained about and desired so as to avoid a competing actor in the worldwide system.

Besides, the Trump administration's pragmatic foreign policy line, which treats democracy and human rights as secondary criteria in worldwide relations, and its disdain for global institutions and its support for economic protectionism, openly contradicts and undermines the basic tenets of the liberal democratic order established by the US after World War II.

In backing out of the accord, Trump said he didn't want other countries laughing at America.

"We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation & military".

Amid tensions between President Trump and European leaders, Mr. Trump is also telling people close to him that the USA will withdraw from the historic Paris climate agreement, which which former President Obama helped negotiate and 195 countries signed. "Very bad for U.S. This will change", Trump wrote.

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Unlike our last president, Trump does not seem to care about world public opinion, following the usual protocols or kissing up to other world leaders.

Meanwhile, President Trump and the White House continue to complain about the use of anonymous sources in news reports about the ongoing investigation into the Trump administration's ties to Russian Federation.

"The times in which [Germany] could fully rely on others are partly over". "But we must also look to things that strengthen the European Union, and not be focused exclusively on European Union exit talks". Dirsus cautioned that Germany remained reliant on the USA, especially in terms of its military.

Trump was highly critical of the military alliance on the campaign trail, but has softened his stance to some extent since taking office in January.

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