Trump publicly doubting that Russian Federation meddled in election


The congressional investigations into Russia's role during the election are now probing whether this private information was given to President Donald Trump's campaign.

Samuel Liles, another senior DHS cyber official, likened states targeted or scanned to a thief walking by homes to scout for weaknesses, and breaches to breaking through a front door.

He also advised people to focus on the current administration's actions around Russian interference rather than past efforts by the DNC or Obama administration. Johnson revealed that the DNC had declined an offer by the Department of Homeland Security to help them after their email servers had been hacked.

In addition to scanning voting systems for vulnerabilities, Russian hackers acquired and engineered the release of emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, according to US intelligence committees. Jeh also answered questions about what then-President Barack Obama knew, as well as coordination between the DNC and the DHS.

Investigators need to follow the hacking trail because of the data ended up with the Trump campaign it will be clear proof that Trump and the Russians were working together to steal a presidential election. The report said Russian intelligence services had "obtained and maintained access to elements of multiple USA state or local electoral boards".

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday that he was met with resistance when he offered federal protection to state election systems in the summer of 2016.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified that he did not "remember any conversations with the president about the Russian Federation election interference".

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Russia's actions did not change the final election count, they said, but they warned that Moscow's efforts will likely continue.

The intelligence showed Russian Federation wanted to favor Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, said Johnson, but the more important issue was that a "very powerful foreign actor" was trying to "put his thumb on the scale of our democracy".

"As of right now, we have evidence that election-related systems in 21 states were targeted", Jeanette Manfra, acting deputy undersecretary of cyber security Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said, adding that there was no evidence to indicate that the cyberattack altered actual ballots, the BBC reported.

"We were very concerned that we would not be perceived as taking sides in the election, injecting ourselves into a very heated campaign", Johnson told the committee.

"Given the rhetoric of the campaign, given the fact that in national security, we typically stay out of elections, we stay out of campaigns", said Johnson.

Johnson's testimony on Russian intrusion is consistent with the assessment of several US intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency.