Trump moves to return Russian compounds that Obama ordered vacated punitively


No link would be made between the USA and Russian properties, he reportedly told the diplomats.

Obama ordered the closing of the compounds in December of 2016 as part of a raft of sanctions against the Russian government, as well as the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats who the us said were actually spies.

Chairman Tom Perez said on Thursday that it shows Trump's allegiance to Putin over the U.S. Asked whether USA intelligence considered him to be one, James Clapper Jr., the former director of national intelligence, told CNN Sunday that, "Given the fact that he oversees a very aggressive intelligence operation in this country - the Russians have more intelligence operatives than any other nation that is represented in this country, still even after we got rid of 35 of them - and so to suggest that he is somehow separate or oblivious to that is a bit much".

Russian Federation didn't retaliate against the US sanctions over the election hack.

Whether the confiscated properties and other Obama-era sanctions are reversed, Trump has already delivered key advantages to Russian Federation by shaking faith in America's commitment to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and other world alliances, essentially surrendering the role of the United States as leader of the free world. "It is an extraordinary step for them to interfere in the democratic process here". Kremlin spokesman Yury Ushakov said Wednesday that Russia understands "the hard internal political situation for the current administration", but would explore options to retaliate for what it considers the "expropriation" of its property, according to Russian news outlet Sputnik.

Although Trump regularly denies associations with Russia, he, his Trump Organization and his family have had financial relationships with Russians in the US for decades in the form of real estate deals and transactions with Russian banks.

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In early April, the Trump administration proposed trading the return of the properties for permission to build a new US consulate in St. Petersburg.

The facilities, long believed to be used for intelligence gathering, were cleaned out on December 29 as then-President Obama slammed Russian Federation with sanctions for its alleged role in trying to influence the 2016 election.

"Trump would put Americans at risk and send an unmistakable message to foreign powers that attacks on our election process will go unpunished", he added.

The Trump administration has not announced a decision on the matter.

"The U.S. and Russian Federation have reached no agreements", R.C. Hammond, senior communications adviser for the U.S. State Department, told NBC News on Wednesday evening.

That's why the report that President Donald Trump may reopen them was a bit shocking. One possibility is that the Russians will be able to return, but with greater restrictions.