Trump actively looking for new Federal Bureau of Investigation director


Priebus and White House adviser Steve Bannon have been laying the groundwork for the new "war room" that will also involve Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, sources told Reuters.

Mr Johnson noted that a White House staff shake-up is hardly a new concept and is by no means unique to the Trump administration.

In the past, briefings at the State Department were daily happenings, but that has changed dramatically under Mr. Trump, as this was the first meeting with reporters there in several weeks.

"I sort of stole her husband", an effusive Trump told roomful of guests on inauguration eve that included his favored daughter Ivanka. "And yet the president did a great job at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation". He is also said to be putting together an outside group to handle all Russia-related inquiries. "He's always proven that - that he is the best messenger, not just for what he wants to articulate, but that the American people resoundingly chose him as their president, because he understands the frustrations and concerns and values of the American people, and he is probably the best person to communicate that", Spicer said. In July 1994, Clinton replaced Chief of Staff Mack McLarty (who had been a childhood friend of his) with Leon Panetta, who set about reorganizing the White House.

SIEGEL: Mara, one question about Trump's policy agenda - he's tweeted that he would decide I guess this week whether to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

In person, Kushner is more polite and self-deprecating than steely and silent.

White House communications director Michael Dubke has resigned.

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Kushner was, after all, not a veteran statesman but the young scion of a media and real estate family.

He also disputed the assumption that Merkel was moving away from Trump, after the president declined last week to join six other nations at the G-7 summit in Brussels in reaffirming their commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which attempts to reduce greenhouse gases linked to climate change.

Foreign diplomats were among the first to realize the enormous trust that Trump had bestowed upon his young aide. Kushner does have a lawyer, Jamie Gorelick.

But those initial diplomatic contacts may have sowed the seeds for what would be a spectacular fall from grace.

The Washington Post has leveled explosive allegations that Kushner proposed a secret communications link to the Kremlin. Moscow has denied USA intelligence agencies' conclusion that it meddled in the campaign to try to tilt the election in Trump's favor. "He's gained weight. He doesn't have anybody whom he trusts".

"I have total confidence in him". He is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars.

But the Trump-Kushner relationship is reportedly showing signs of strain, and the strain could become severe if Trump's son-in-law is drawn deeper into a Russian Federation inquiry which the president is seeking to keep at arm's length. Investigators are interested in what went on during a December meeting between Kushner and a Russian banker whose financial institution was deeply intertwined with Russian intelligence.