Three Australians and one New Zealander caught up in London attacks


"The other area where we need these global social media messaging companies to assist is in providing access to encrypted communications which are used by billions of people, of course, and applications like Whats App and Apple iMessage".

It was important for security services, he said, noting the difficulty the Federal Bureau of Investigation had getting into the iPhone of a terrorist involved in the 2015 San Bernardino attack.

"I believe (May) is calling on the voices of moderate Islam to be far louder than the voices of extremism, savagery and brutality, and we most certainly need to see that in our country as well", Bishop said on Monday.

While Syria and Iraq might be a long way from western Sydney, electronically they were closer than ever, he said. She posted on social media: "Hey everyone, just so you know im doing ok".

"This kind of material is risky".

Police shot dead the attackers.

In the wake of the weekend's London terror attacks, the British Prime Minister called for the global regulation of cyberspace to prevent social media platforms being "safe spaces" for extremist material and urged improved moderation of such content.

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Their evil message was a "blasphemous corruption" of Islam and millions of Muslims around the world.

"We defy them and we reject the poisonous ideology that they peddle".

After speaking to her foreign counterpart Boris Johnson, Ms Bishop said the attack which began on London Bridge on Saturday was an example of the new reality in which we live.

"The British people have been living with this for some time and I think Prime Minister May expressed the views of many British people", she said.

"We both observed how this mindless savagery is striking into communities; it's created to shock but that the British are resolute in their determination to defeat Islamist terrorism".

All too often in officialdom's ranks there was the notion that Islamophobia was nearly as big a problem as Islamist terrorism, he said.

Mr Turnbull said the role of the defence force in terrorist incidents was being reviewed following the Lindt cafe siege.