Texas OKs requiring schools to teach sex abuse prevention


Only the governor can call a special session, and his office has insisted that lawmakers resolve their issues during what's left of the regular legislative session. It now goes to Gov. Greg Abbott who can sign or veto it, or allow it to automatically become law. It now goes to Governor Greg Abbott for his signature.

"It's on them. The ball is in their court", an incensed Gonzales said while flanked by members of the Sunset commission. Paul Bettencourt and Rep.

The House last weekend approved a scaled-back measure applying only to public schools, which educate roughly 5.3 million students, more than any other state except California. Under it, transgender students wouldn't be allowed to choose the bathroom they use but could be directed to separate, single-use facilities. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, referenced the bathroom bill's 80 co-authors and asked the speaker if he considered that to represent the "will of the House".

But Patrick - who has spent months championing far-reaching restrictions on bathroom use - had said the amendment's "ambiguous language" didn't "appear to do much".

"They tended to be introduced by folks who were more extreme members of the party, were less likely to get committee hearings, less likely to move".

If the Legislature succeeds "in forcing discrimination into Texas law, you can bet that Lambda Legal will be on the case before the next school bell rings", Jennifer C. Pizer, senior counsel and director of law and policy at the national gay rights group, said in a statement.

The breakdown comes just three days before the Texas Legislature is set to adjourn until 2019.

Texas OKs requiring schools to teach sex abuse prevention
Texas OKs requiring schools to teach sex abuse prevention

They watched as Republican Pat McCrory, who signed and defended the North Carolina bill as governor, became the only incumbent governor in the U.S.to lose in the general election past year.

Truth is, there's nearly always a way to complete a Hail Mary pass in the closing hours of a Texas legislative session. By doing so, Patrick could force lawmakers into a special session even though the governor is the only one with the power to call lawmakers back.

The New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, which helped challenge the 2013 Texas law, called the new package of anti-abortion limits "reminiscent" of the law struck down past year and signaled that another court challenge is ahead.

The legislative machine entered a deadlock last Friday, when Republicans and Conservatives could not reach an agreement over the bill's future.

Patrick also declared, "We will be in a special session caused by Joe Straus himself".

"Frankly some of the other threats in other states rang pretty hollow in a state like Texas", Republican Sen.

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