TAMU responds to diplomatic upset in Qatar


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Qatar's foreign minister says Kuwait is trying to mediate and solve a diplomatic crisis that has seen Arab nations cut off diplomatic ties.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed their ties with Qatar on Monday, opening up the worst rift in years among some of the most powerful states in the Arab world. They were willing to pay only a fraction of the world market price for LNG, according to a paper Krane co-authored with Qatar University's Steven Wright.

They have jobs and a stable life here with their families. The UAE nationals are likewise banned from traveling to or staying in Qatar or transiting through its territories. Airlines suspended flights and residents nervous about the peninsula's lone land border closing cleaned out grocery store shelves. Those in the public sector were more concerned.

But it does leave the USA potentially caught in the middle. "We are hearing all sorts of news about flight suspensions".

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates made no demands of Qatar as their decision plunged the worldwide travel hub into chaos and ignited the biggest diplomatic crisis in the Gulf since the 1991 war against Iraq.

That said, nothing suggests Washington wanted, let alone encouraged, Riyadh to move against Qatar.

The Saudis are accusing Qatar-as they have long done Iran-of supporting "terrorism".

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The United States called for a quick resolution of the dispute, and does not want to see a "permanent rift", a senior U.S. administration official said.

US military operations in Qatar include the Combined Air Operations Center, which coordinates anti-ISIS air operations; the Pentagon's Al Udeid air base, which is used to launch air missions and stage supplies as well as house the forward headquarters of US Central Command.

It was not immediately clear if Qatar Airways would also suspend flights to other countries.

There appears to be no short-term fallout for the anti-ISIS coalition, the officials said, because so far there's been no demand from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain that Qatar be booted from the group.

It essentially started off three days after President Trump was in Riyadh for a series of summits, including a summit between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC countries, the Gulf Cooperation Countries, which showed what Saudi Arabia had hoped would be GCC unity and its alliance with the United States against Iran.

It also follows weeks of rising tensions between Doha and its neighbors, including Qatari accusations of a concerted media campaign against the kingdom and the alleged hacking of its official news agency.

The move proved popular on the streets of Cairo. Until its ejection yesterday, Qatar was a reluctant member of the Islamic Military Alliance, the worldwide coalition Riyadh formed ostensibly to fight terrorism, but which more and more openly has assumed the shape of a Sunni Arab alliance for waging war on predominantly Shia Iran. It is a given.