Subway passengers trapped in dark, hot train for an hour


Guess we know who's really sweating the train delays in New York City these days - no one who can do anything to stop them.

Subway passengers were trapped without lights or air conditioning for almost an hour on the F train Monday night.

That prompted a chorus of Twitter snark from commuters from "business as usual then", to "FIX THE TRAINS!,"are any trains on time today!? or yesterday? or ever?!"

Passengers were left clawing at the door in a panicked effort to escape when the train was finally pushed into another station with the power still being out.

"Some people started getting faint, and we started to try and see if we could identify any elderly people or pregnant women on the auto who were standing or needed water to see if they needed to sit and drink", Sciaraffo explained.

Claustrophobia, panic and heat exhaustion. The doors failed to open and passengers desperately tried to pry them open.

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After another 10 minutes of waiting at the platform, doors finally opened to let people exit safely.

Photos and videos taken from outside the train reveal just how hot the train vehicle became. When you breathed it was dense.

Subway malfunctions and delays are common problems across the MTA system. (In a heartwarming moment, strangers and friends on the train staged a makeshift ceremony for the young man.) And on Monday evening, an F train full of passengers lost power and was stuck underground for at least 45 minutes.

Subway delays have more than doubled from roughly 28,000 per month in 2012 to 70,000 each month this year, according to the New York Times.

The MTA first launched the online service in 2010, but reminded commuters about the offer Monday morning after the delays. We need a leader like those who had the foresight to build this sprawling, messy, utterly essential system and sustain it for over a century.