Sony shows off timed exclusives for Destiny 2


The time was mostly dedicated to a new story trailer for the game, which expands on the lore and narrative of Destiny 2 a fair bit, expounding on the implications. That's a little over a month after the Xbox One and PS4 editions, which will release September 6.

Destiny 2 is nearly here, and it's closer than anyone expected.

Our thoughts? Well, I played it on both PS4 and PC at the gameplay reveal. Finally, PC player will get their own beta sometime in late August. This highly anticipated FPS/MMO hybrid has already obtained a massive following due to the insane success of the original Destiny. The firm announced that the PlayStation version of the game would be getting exclusive content. It's not known how long Xbox or PC gamers will have to wait, but the trailer shown at E3 mentioned at least fall 2017 in the fine print.

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Destiny 2, Bungie's follow-up to the online sci-fi shooter has a PS4 and Xbox One release date of September 6.

Update: Destiny 2 director Luke Smith wrote on Twitter that Destiny 2 will launch on all consoles September 6. "Further details on the PC beta to come soon", Bungie says.