Sessions calls accusations of Russian Federation collusion an 'appalling lie'


Later, under an intense grilling from Sen.

Kamala Harris, put on your Wonder Woman suit.

"Well, you let me qualify". If I don't qualify it you'll accuse me of lying. She said such a move would "destroy any shred of trust in the president's judgment that remains over here". "I'm not able to be rushed this fast; it makes me nervous".

Sessions in March stepped aside from the federal investigation into contacts between Russian Federation and the presidential campaign after acknowledging that he had met twice a year ago with Kislyak.

Rather, he wanted to defend his personal honor in front of his former Senate colleagues against the "detestable" lies he claimed are being told about him.

Sessions' decision to testify in public came after he chose to cancel a public appearance before the Senate Appropriations Committee, and offered to testify in private before the Senate Intelligence Committee. In fact, according to Sessions, he had recused himself two weeks earlier.

Russian Federation has denied interfering in the US election. A concurrent probe is also ongoing in the House.

Sessions recused himself in March from a federal investigation into contacts between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign after acknowledging that he had met twice previous year with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

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Things went downhill from there when Harris asked Sessions to provide documentation on this mysterious Justice Department policy that he believes allows him to evade questions asked of him in front of a senate panel. However, the officials acknowledged to NBC News that the evidence of a meeting does not amount to proof, and they have declined to provide details about it. Comey, speaking to senators in Thursday's closed session, also acknowledged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not have proof the alleged meeting occurred, a source familiar with the matter said. Comey responded, "That's a question I can't answer. He was preparing for the stop here today", said Sanders. No one, not one person on the Senate Intelligence Committee, asked the question Attorney General Jeff Sessions needed to answer: How long has he been working for Donald Trump while secretly making cookies in a tree?!

Sessions said he had confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller, but said that his recusal from the Russian Federation probe would stop him taking part in any hypothetical effort to remove him.

"It's unacceptable that Sessions - the top law enforcement official in the country - can not name his legal basis for evading questions", Harris tweeted after he questioning concluded.

Rebutting allegations of wrongdoing by Sessions, Levin reminded everyone that it was former President Barack Obama who met with Russian leadership and famously noted the increased "flexibility" he would have after the upcoming election.

"Have you ever, ever in any of these fantastical situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a sitting United States senator and an ambassador of a foreign government colluded at an open setting with hundreds of other people to pull off the greatest caper in the history of espionage?"

The attorney general added that he's never read any reports on Russian hacking, and has a hard time remembering crucial details during the fallout. Jim Risch muttered, "doesn't seem like it".

Sessions argued that his statement at the confirmation hearing was not lie because of the context in which it was made - a "rambling" question from Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota about collusion. "They've gone down lots of other rabbit trails, but not that question", he said.

Committee chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) also jumped in to remind the Senator he was in charge and to tell Sen.