Seattle Police Kill Pregnant Woman Who Called 911 For Help


According to the City of Seattle's police blotter, the two officers who responded to the 911 call "were confronted by a 30-year-old woman armed with a knife", and fired their guns at her. "Get back!" before they opened fire on 30-year-old Charleena Lyles as at least one child could be heard crying in the background, according to dashboard camera audio released early Monday by the Seattle Police Department.

The same lawyer who took on the fatal Che Taylor shooting case has signed on to represent the family of Charleena Lyles, the woman shot by Seattle police on Sunday. "I could have taken her down", Monika Williams, the dead woman's sister, tells the Times.

"She started talking all insane about how the officers weren't going to leave and she had a pair of scissors", one officer says.

Police said while they would typically dispatch one officer, two officers responded to Lyles' home Sunday as a result of the previous incident.

Seattle police spokesman detective Mark Jamieson, said two officers were responding to a burglary call at an apartment. "Both officers had to fire their service weapons striking the individual unfortunately it is a fatality". Lyles was several months pregnant with her fifth child, the family said.

The small-framed, several-months-pregnant woman had endured mental health issues over the a year ago, Jones said. Our heart goes out to Lyles' family, especially her motherless children.

The Seattle Police Department has not confirmed the identities of the officers or their races.

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"Hey, get back! Get back!" an officer shouts, a call echoed by the other officer, before a volley of gunshots are heard.

The officers will be placed on paid leave, meaning taxpayers will continue to give them full pay even though they are not working (referred to many, including some dictionaries as "vacation").

Lyles was fatally shot by police Sunday morning. "They could've taken her down - I could have taken her down". Of the 447 people who have been shot and killed by police so far in 2017, 102 of them have been black. She lets them in and says, "There was a break-in".

In addition to the police's investigation, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is launching his own probe into the devastating incident. The report states the Lyles was making "unusual comments" such as wanting to morph into a wolf, or cloning her daughter.

Audio released Monday by the Seattle Police Department depicts an encounter that quickly escalated into violence. Her sister told KOMO News that the obstruction charge stemmed from Lyles refusing to hand over one of her children to officers.

"My thoughts are with the many people impacted, including three children and the responding officers", Murray said. In 2011, a comprehensive Department of Justice investigation found the department had engaged in a pattern of using excessive force.