Sean Spicer: Trump's tweets are considered 'official statements' by the White House


Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks in April in NY. Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump early in the presidential campaign past year when few Republican lawmakers supported the candidate.

The White House press secretary also defended the president's use of social media, saying the medium is an "effective" tool for him to promote his own messages.

So far, the bot has re-formatted nine Trump tweets that cover a variety of topics, from his travel ban to calling London Mayor Sadiq Khan "pathetic".

In private, the president's exasperation has been even sharper.

Behind-the-scenes frustration would not be unprecedented in the Oval Office.

In the three months since Sessions stepped aside, the intensity of the probe has grown exponentially - culminating in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel.

President Trump's White House has decided against setting up a war room to respond to the flood of revelations related to the FBI and congressional Russian Federation investigations, Politico reported, citing four advisers close to Trump.

The Politico report said senior aides and the president were not able to agree on how the war room would operate.

Trump's executive order that banned travel from seven predominately Muslim nations was blocked by federal judges in February.

Sessions' offer to resign was first reported by ABC News. His posts made it sound like the Justice Department was not part of his administration.

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But as long as President Donald Trump has a smartphone, no White House strategy is safe.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has run the White House press briefing before, but things got awkward when reporter April Ryan asked Sanders where Sean Spicer was. "He was looking to, again, match the demands laid out by the 9th Circuit and, for the goal of expediency, to start looking at the best way possible to move that process forward", she said. But he said it was not clear to him that it was a personal issue as opposed to an institutional one with the office.

See what I'm getting at here? "The lawyer in this case happens to be Jeff Sessions".

Now, Tapper - and every other reporter with a Republican lawmaker who supports Trump on the other end of the microphone - can counter: "Yeah, but, this was an official statement by the White House". 'When I'm needed, I'll step in, ' she said. "It's understandable for a businessman".

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said on Twitter that it might include Trump's tweets about the ban in their Supreme Court argument.

"That's not true", Conway said.

Conway stressed that he strongly supports Trump - "and, of course, my wonderful wife" - and was making his points because the president's supporters "should not be shy about it". CNN claims unnamed sources said that Sessions and Trump have had "heated exchanges".

Trump told people at the time that he anxious the decision would be seen as an admission of defeat - and has continued to express frustrations with the Justice Department's actions.

And if Spicer just boxed in the White House about how to frame Trump's tweets, well, he just really made life hard for Republicans in Congress. The struggle will come to a head Thursday when fired FBI Director James Comey is due to testify on Capitol Hill.