Role of DUP, new partner in UK government


"The claim is being made that the funding being made available is a recognition of Northern Ireland's special circumstances - but if there was any true appreciation of those circumstances, there would be no deal at all with the DUP". Conservative Party lost its absolute majority in recently held General elections.

Jeremy Corbyn - leader of the U.K.'s Labour Party - criticized the deal with the DUP, which he said amounted to nothing more than a desperate power grab by May. The DUP - the largest party in Northern Ireland - stands against same-sex marriage and opposes the lifting of a near-total ban on abortion now in place in Ireland. "It will be totally transparent and once we conclude the deal that will happen".

The party campaigned for Brexit in last year's referendum but is faced with growing concern in Northern Ireland about the prospect of checks being reimposed the border with the Irish Republic - a reminder of the bad old days of the Troubles.

■ The deal says the Conservative party will "never be neutral in expressing its support" for the Union but will "govern in the interests of all parts of the community" in Northern Ireland.

"These measures will reflect the joint commitment of the United Kingdom government and Northern Ireland executive to support growth and infrastructure development in all parts of the United Kingdom", the document said.

"If reports that the DUP has secured a £1 billion increase in public spending in Northern Ireland are realised, Wales' population share would be around £1.7 billion - a substantial boost to the Welsh economy that must be delivered".

The June 8 election gave May's Conservatives the most seats, but not enough to automatically carry legislation, notably the thorny choices to come concerning Britain's departure from the European Union. "For some time, we have worked closely with all of the political parties in Northern Ireland to lobby for improvements in mental health service provision to recognise long term under investment, and the specific historical issues which exist here".

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"And, will all parts of the United Kingdom receive the much-needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?"

Meanwhile, the agreement was denounced as a "shoddy little deal" by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who accused Mrs May of throwing taxpayers' money around to preserve her own position.

But the money that's been found down the back of the Number 10 sofa for Northern Ireland may be worth it for Theresa May as the price of holding power, for now.

He added: "SNP MPs will demand Scotland gets it fair share of any funding that is going to Northern Ireland - the Scottish Tory MPs should join us in standing up for Scotland and making sure that we get our fair share". As part of the arrangement, funds will be earmarked to address a major traffic bottleneck involving three busy roads, as well as improving high-speed internet services.

"The nasty party is back, propped up by the DUP", he said in a statement.

Northern Ireland's other political parties, principally Sinn Fein, have objected to a Conservative alliance with the DUP.