Record number of women elected


President Emmanuel Macron's government on Monday promised to renew politics in France as final official results showed he had won the commanding parliamentary majority he wanted to push through his far-reaching pro-growth reforms. Government spokesman Christophe Castaner said Monday on RTL radio a new government to be named in the next few days.

Ms. Le Pen, a former Presidential contender, said that: "President Macron may have won the majority of parliamentary seats, but he ought to know that his ideas are not the majority in the country and that the French will not back a project that weakens our state". With almost all the votes counted, Macron's party and its allies are expected to take between 355 and 425 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly. The next largest group after Macron's, a center-right formation led by the conservative Republicans, took 137 seats, a substantial drop on the 229 it held at the last elections in 2012.

The party of Macron's predecessor Francois Hollande shed more than 250 seats, obtaining just 30.

Macron's confident start at home, where he has concentrated on trying to restore the lost prestige of the president, and his bold action on the global stage has inspired a raft of positive headlines.

His La République en Marche [LREM] party won an estimated 359 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly, some way short of predictions last week that forecast his fledging party could finish with as many as 450.

France24 points out that the record level of abstention underscored the widespread election fatigue accumulated over more than 12 months of incessant campaigning, successive primaries, and a two-round presidential election.

The party Macron founded just 16 months ago has re-drawn the French political map, although the winning score was considerably lower than the 470 seats predicted by some pre-vote surveys. Le Pen herself will enter the halls of parliament for the very first time in her political career. While the Socialists, who were in power until just weeks ago, were reduced to roughly one-seventh of its pre-election strength of 314, the right lost almost a third of its seats.

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"The rout of the Socialist Party is undeniable", Socialist leader Cambadelis stated.

After Sunday's vote, the number of female lawmakers is the highest ever at France's lower house of parliament, reaching 38.7 percent - up from 26.8 percent in the outgoing Assembly.

The new assembly is set to be transformed with younger, more ethnically diverse lawmakers and 223 women-a record number.

"Far from postures, our members of parliament, through their multiple experiences, will vote for laws to unlock our economy, free up our energies, create new solidarities and protect the French", she said.

As tradition dictates following parliamentary polls, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe tendered the resignation of the entire cabinet.

Sunday's vote also closes a chapter on what has been a driver of European market risk, given the popularity of anti-euro far-right leader Marine Le Pen heading into France's presidential elections in April and May.