Recent internet attacks in which Russians suspected


US intelligence agencies have accused Russian Federation of hacking into Democratic Party emails and helping US President Donald Trump's election victory, although there is no hard evidence to suggest the country or Putin was directly behind the contentious win.

The overall capital of the Russian Direct Investment Fund's (RDIF's) partnerships with foreign investors amounts to over $30 billion, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

Even more so is the Trump administration's decision to consider giving back the properties at the same time that a newly-appointed special counsel and two separate congressional committees are investigating ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

He criticized the construction of elements of a USA antimissile system in South Korea and Alaska, saying it constituted a challenge to Moscow. "We speak in one language", he said.

"This hysterical attempt to associate me with the Putin regime is a result of the liberal elite being unable to accept Brexit and Trump", he said.

"He has a fresh set of eyes", Putin said, calling his US counterpart a "straightforward person and a frank person".

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President Vladimir Putin has insisted that Russian Federation as a country has never engaged in hacking activities, but conceded that some "patriotic" individuals may have, likening a hacker's free will to that of an artist in a speech delivered to news agencies on Thursday.

He noted that Russian Federation can work constructively with any German leader, adding that he had good ties with German Chancellor Angela Merkel despite some differences.

This year's French presidential campaign ended with a hacking attack and document leak targeting centrist Emmanuel Macron just before he won. He was answering a question about allegations that Moscow was planning to interfere in the German elections.

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"Most importantly, I am deeply convinced that no kind of hackers can substantially influence the course of an election campaign in another country", Putin said.

US intelligence agencies have said that they believe with a high degree of confidence that the DNC hack was carried out by hackers directed by Russian intelligence as part of a broader Kremlin effort to meddle in the American election.

Mr Putin said Moscow will wait until current anti-Russian sentiment in the U.S. abates before trying to forge ties with Mr Trump.

"Just like artists who wake up in the morning in a good mood and start painting, likewise, hackers get up in the morning and read the news about global affairs". This comes from The New York Times, which reports that Putin says these purely hypothetical hackers may have thought they were doing the right thing in "the fight against those who say bad things about Russian Federation", and he adds that hackers in general are "like artists" who just wake up in the morning and pick targets/subjects based on how they're feeling in any given moment.

Russian Federation and India enjoyed a decades-long alliance forged during the Cold War, when the Soviet Union was New Delhi s largest trading partner, diplomatic ally and main arms supplier, providing everything from tanks to aircraft. The U.S. and the European Union have slapped Moscow with sanctions over its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and support for pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine. Putin said Russian Federation was alive to the danger that Japan might allow United States troops to deploy there if it struck a deal to hand over some of the islands to Tokyo's jurisdiction.

He predicted that the current strain in relations will ease, because "it's counterproductive and harmful".

Putin denied any official state involvement in the attacks, but the coy acknowledgement of those "patriotically minded" hackers is a departure from Russia's previous position, that the country had played no role at all in hacking the Democratic National Committee.

Soviet forces seized the islands at the end of World War II, and the dispute over the isles has been the major reason for a lack of a peace treaty between Japan and Russian Federation.

The Russian leader said the USA will likely continue to build up its forces in the region even if North Korea agrees to curb its nuclear and missile programmes.