Rallies against Islamic law draw counterprotests across US


ACT for America activists believe Islamic law is largely incompatible with American democracy and basic human rights, and they often warn of a surreptitious effort to replace us law with Sharia.

The Southern Poverty Law Center designates ACT for America as an anti-Muslim hate group. The demonstrators, coming from a diverse range of organizations and communities, united to show their opposition to the anti-Muslim hate group "ACT for America" which was holding a nationally coordinated day of racist rallies.

Several anti-Sharia marches were planned past weekend in more than two dozen cities across the United States. But except for one brief moment when one group crossed the street to confront another - only to be herded back by police - there were no reports of violence and no arrests, police spokeswoman Eileen Hards said. Officers used pepper spray to break up the crowd. There were three times as many counter-protesters outside. Protesters at the western steps of the State Capital claimed Shariah calls for the abuse of women and has no place in America. In St. Paul, Minn., state troopers arrested about a half-dozen people when scuffles broke out at the close of a competing demonstration. No injuries have been reported.

"The protesters were a bit rowdy", Thompson said. In some instances, violent confrontations happened between the two sides, leading to arrests.

However, such legislation actually accomplishes little as judges obviously can not declare that a religious Sharia law supersedes American law or the Constitution.

"I firmly believe that whenever you see or hear Nazis or the KKK, you should come out and protest against them", she said. Anti-Islamic law demonstrators marched past the building where the shootings occurred.

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Anti-Muslim incidents rose 57 percent previous year, including a 44 percent jump in anti-Islamic hate crimes, CAIR said in a report released in early May.

ACT for America, a self-described grassroots organization focusing on national security issues, has scheduled protests in New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver and Seattle, as well as many smaller cities.

Denise Zamora, 39, of Upland said the group wasn't opposed to all Muslims.

Hundreds marched through downtown Seattle, banging drums, cymbals and cowbells behind a large sign saying "Seattle stands with our Muslim neighbors". Some wore masks over their faces and called the anti-Sharia demonstrators white supremacists and chanted, "Punch a Nazi".

Shariah, Takim said, refers to guidelines or principles - how Muslims should live. Instead, they said they were choosing to fight against the repression of women. "This is a march against sharia, not Muslims", Steven R. Moore, of Washington County, Pa., told The Washington Post.