Queen's Speech ditched next year to allow greater Brexit laws scrutiny


Instead, she finds herself without a majority, without the deal she promised with the DUP, and so it becomes the first Queen's Speech in decades where the outcome is in doubt (albeit only marginally).

He said: "I'm sure we will have a sensible agreement when that time comes". "For seven years we have lived through brutal austerity, cuts & anti-immigrant attacks leading to countless deaths".

This year's Queen's speech will take place, but by the decision of Elizabeth II it was postponed for two days to give the conservatives more time for negotiations with partners.

In a statement issued by the Prime Minister, she committed to work with "humility and resolve", which suggests criticism of her remote response to the Grenfell Tower fire has hit home.

In a highly unusual move, the parliamentary session is being doubled to two years.

Speaking ahead of the speech, the Prime Minister appeared to acknowledge the limitations of her plans.

Senior DUP sources said yesterday the negotiations with the Conservatives "haven't proceeded the way we would have expected" and that the party "can't be taken for granted" in the ongoing discussions.

"Given the legislative demands of Brexit, the Great Repeal Bill, and the fact most commentators do not expect the new parliament to run for a full five year term, this could be one of the quietest Queen's Speech on pensions for many years".

However, Mr Jones urged the prime minister to "put the United Kingdom economy above political self-interest" and reconsider plans for a "hard Brexit for which she has no mandate", after losing her House of Commons majority in the general election earlier this month.

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After Mrs May lost her majority in the election it has now been axed from the Government's legislative agenda, which is due to be unveiled in Parliament tomorrow.

Controversial plans to allow new faith schools to select all of their pupils on the basis of their faith have been abandoned and will be absent from Wednesday's Queen's Speech, it has been reported today.

The speech is expected to set out a raft of new laws needed to implement Brexit, plans to strengthen counter-terrorism powers and a series of bills created to reform Britain's infrastructure and economy in preparation for life after the EU. "That means getting a deal which delivers the result of last year's referendum and does so in a way that commands maximum public support".

Although progress towards a deal faltered yesterday, the DUP remains optimistic that it can reach an agreement to support a Tory minority government.

"It's not clear what her mandate is, and she has lost authority overseas".

Instead May's programme for government will be restricted to the technical work of making sure Brexit can happen: a bill that sets out how the government will transpose huge swathes of European Union law into British law.

The Speech will set out plans to toughen action on domestic violence, tackle motor insurance fraud and increase protection for tenants.

Black Rod, the House of Lords official, will summon the House of Commons to the Lords after the Queen has taken her seat in the chamber.