Putin suggests United States hackers could have interfered with election, blamed Russian Federation


Putin asked Kelly, smiling.

"I would be exchanging views with the French President on important global issues including UN Security Council reforms and India's permanent membership of the UN Security Council, Indias membership of the various multilateral export control regimes, counter-terrorism cooperation, collaboration on climate change and International Solar Alliance", he had said.

USA intelligence services say Russian Federation hacked the Democratic National Committee a year ago to harm the campaign of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, who political analysts say Putin despised.

The Kremlin took a dim view of Mrs Clinton, considering her far less friendly towards Russian Federation than Mr Donald Trump would be because of her blunt criticism of Mr Putin and his policies in Syria and elsewhere.

"We made the decision to join, and I don't think we will (change) it", the RIA news agency cited Dvorkovich as telling reporters.

Macron, in a joint news conference with Bloomberg and Hidalgo, said the Paris climate pact is irreversible despite U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from it. Refusing to be drawn into a debate on whether he supported or was opposed to President Donald Trump's action, Modi said he will take the side of the future generations and held the view that mankind can not exploit nature.

Russian President Vladimir Putin turned the tables on claims the Kremlin meddled in the USA presidential election, with a feisty Putin on Friday accusing American spies of "crude and systematic" widespread interference in Russian affairs.

"U.S. -China relations are much more stable than Russia-U.S. relations. But we know what such things result in, and they don't lead to anything good", Putin added.

US intelligence officials have said Russian Federation tried to interfere in the USA election by hacking Trump's opponents, a charge that has deepened a political scandal which has focused on whether Trump had improper ties with Moscow, something he flatly denies.

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Instead of apologizing, Putin said, Democrats "say it's not our fault, it was the Russians".

The contacts have become the focus of an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Moscow and Trump's aides that has most recently centered on Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law.

"It is required for Russian Federation, in particular, to analyze and drastically change legislation established for the last 10 years concerning foreign investments by getting rid of multiple restrictions", said the National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations' Mikhail Subbotin.

Kelly moderated a forum a forum earlier in the day in St. Petersburg in which Putin joked that Kelly's "underage daughter" could have been responsible for the hacking.

Challenged by Kelly to explain what USA intelligence referred to as a disinformation campaign meant to undermine faith in the elections, Putin pointed to leaked emails that showed the Democratic National Committee's favoritism for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, which led to the resignation of the committee's chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?"

The head of the Center for Economic Research at the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, Basil Koltashov, said Russian Federation is backing away from the deal.

Putin added that there is a specific fear of the possibility of those areas to turn into models to divide the country in the future.

Following the United States' withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, Michael Bloomberg is coordinating a group of American governors, mayors, universities and businesses that remain committed to fulfilling the United States' obligations under the deal.