Putin says he 'didn't really even talk' to ex-Trump adviser Flynn


There was not even any kind of specific discussions about sanctions or anything else.

"It's just that French journalists asked me about those hackers". You create a sensation out of nothing. It's so easily done, Kelly's "underage daughter" could have been behind it, Putin said.

"NATO was established as a Cold War instrument in the fight against the Soviet Union", Putin said through a translator.

Putin took the opportunity to completely deny all Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, which USA intelligence agencies say he personally tried to disrupt by hacking into Democratic computer systems and releasing embarrassing info about the party's nominee, Hillary Clinton.

"They have been misled".

Mr Putin said Moscow had offered the U.S. and its allies the chance to inspect the Syrian base for traces of the chemical agent and criticised them for refusing to do so.

He blamed the Democrats for the failure to acknowledge their mistakes in the campaign, and "taking internal USA political squabbles into the worldwide arena".

"Hackers can be anywhere", he said.

This week, Trump even helped Putin gain global stature by pulling America from the Paris climate accord, giving Russian Federation the opportunity to proclaim that, unlike the United States, it would be standing by its Paris commitments.

"We have a lot of Americans who visit us", the Russian leader said. "Not for the United States, but the leadership".

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Mr Putin said the USA intelligence agencies had been misled over their findings.

Earlier this week, Putin seemingly cracked open the door, saying it's possible "patriotically minded" Russians could - on their own - carry out cyberattacks on the upcoming German elections.

"I will tell you something that you most likely know about", he went on.

Commenting on Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, Putin refrained from criticizing the move and called for a constructive dialogue on efforts needed to curb global warming.

"Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal electoral processes", he said.

Putin, addressing an economic forum in St Petersburg, said USA allegations that Russian Federation had hacked the Democratic Party to help Trump amounted to "harmful gossip".

Putin told Kelly that he doesn't know Flynn, even though he sat next to him at a dinner in Moscow in 2015.

Kelly's interview with Putin came as the House and Senate intelligence committees are investigating alleged Russian interference in the presidential election and preparing to question top Trump administration officials, including Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and close adviser. That's complete nonsense. Do you even understand what you're asking or not? Yet as Trump was sworn in as president, the former Fox News anchor stayed sidelined, waiting to start her new assignment at NBC News.

"I am not aware of such a proposal", Putin said. That is certain. And, no one should have any doubt about that. Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something? And, do it all the time. To moralize and to give us lessons on how to live?