Putin pleads ignorance on Trump campaign meetings


News was forced to issue a correction on Sunday evening after spinning its newest talent Megyn Kelly's interview to falsely claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin "does not deny having compromising information" on President Donald Trump.

"When I came to the event for our company, Russia Today, and sat down at the table, next to me there was a gentleman sitting on one side", Putin said of Flynn.

The dinner - where the two men were seated next to each other - celebrated Russian state media outlet Russia Today (RT).

Putin, in the interview with journalist Megyn Kelly in St. Petersburg, said: "I don't know about this proposal. I didn't even really talk to him.That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mr. Flynn", Putin said.

"No, I haven't... because if there had been something meaningful he would have made a report to the minister, and the minister would have made a report to me".

Trump has offered contradictory accounts of his relationship with Putin over time but has also said the two never met. He was involved in some things. "He used to be in the security services", Putin said.

US intelligence agencies concluded in January that Moscow tried to tilt the election campaign in Trump's favour, including by hacking into the emails of senior Democrats, a charge the Kremlin denies.

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Putin also told NBC that regardless of Trump's previous travel to Russian Federation as a businessman, he had had no relationship with him and had never met him.

Kelly's centerpiece interview displayed some of the toughness that defined her at Fox, expressing disbelief when the Russian president claimed he hadn't spoken with his ambassador about meetings with Trump's inner circle.

The leader also downplayed any interaction he had with former U.S. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn when asked about an image the pair sitting together at a dinner for a Russian television network in December 2015.

Trump has strongly defended Flynn, saying his former aide was the victim of a witch hunt. Do you think we're gathering information on all of the [Americans visiting the USA on business].

Trump has called an FBI investigation into alleged ties between his campaign and Russian Federation a "witch hunt" created to undermine the legitimacy of his 2016 election win. Comey, ousted last month amid a federal investigation into connections between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, is set to testify before Congress next week in a highly anticipated hearing that could shed new light on his private conversations with the president in the weeks before the firing.

"He's a good guy", Trump told Comey, according to a memo Comey wrote shortly after the meeting.

He quotes Trump as saying, "I hope you can let this go". Though the meeting reportedly took place in February, news of it didn't emerge until later in May, after Trump abruptly fired Comey. Flynn previously said during an interview in 2016 that "when you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime". Roy Blunt, a member of the Senate intelligence committee.