Prosecutors Seek To Use Cosby's Words Against Him At Trial


She gave no indication of anything "negative" occurring, the deposition said. According to Valliere, who was qualified as an expert in sexual assault, victim and offender dynamics and victim response to sexual assault, it is not unusual that a sexual assault victim would delay reporting, never report or continue contact with their abuser.

Bill Cosby claimed that he gave Andrea Constand nothing stronger than a Benadryl the night she claims he sexually assaulted her. Pacing the floor, the lawyer showed the courtroom a Facebook post from Valliere's company linking to a Washington Post article about the Cosby case during the pretrial period.

This morning, Montgomery County prosecutors read another set of pieces from Bill Cosby's depositions back in 2005 and 2006 from the civil suit brought by Andrea Constand. In a scathing address to the judge, he argued that Dr. Valliere's words were tantamount to instructing the jury to reach a certain verdict in the Cosby case.

Cosby said simply of the alleged assault, "I am not stopped....she did not stop me". Prosecutors have suggested he could have.

Do you want to hear Cosby talk?

In the deposition, he admits giving quaaludes before sex in 1976 to one of his approximately 60 accusers. It was unsealed in 2015, just before the statue of limitations to criminally charge Cosby in the case expired.

The defence is expected to present its case next week.

Mr Cosby - the legendary comedian and television star - is on trial this week for allegedly sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, a former employee of his alma mater.

During a break Friday, Cosby's spokesman raised the possibility that the comic might testify after all. "We're weighing all our options".

It's the first time Wyatt has spoken at length to reporters since the trial began.

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The AP does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

But when he was asked if he ever gave them the drug without their knowledge, he replied, "no". Allyn reports that the woman was subjected to a tough cross-examination by Cosby's attorney, who attempted to show that her memory was incorrect.

Valliere said it's not unusual for victims to reach out to their assailant after the alleged attack because they may be confused and are looking to get a "sense of clarity".

She testified that such victims often fear they'll face backlash for harming a well-known person's reputation if they come forward.

Cosby admitted in the deposition to apologizing to giving Constand pills and touching her in a sexual manner because he thought her family was "coming at me for being a dirty old man", The Daily Beast reported. Cosby was asked in a passage read from the deposition Friday.

Cosby indicated in the deposition that he did so because she and her mother were upset, not to compensate her for anything he did wrong.

The New York Timesreported on Friday, however, that a spokesperson said Cosby may, in fact, testify.

Cosby also said in the deposition he refused to tell Constand or her mother what type of pills he gave her during a phone call in 2005 because he did not trust their intentions.

Cosby maintains the encounter at his suburban Philadelphia home was consensual.

Wyatt, as Cosby and his entourage left the courthouse for the day, added Cosby is "feeling great".