Prince Harry Gives Meghan Markle A Gold Diamond Ring


The adorable couple wear matching blue and white bracelets, that Markle wears on her left wrist, while Prince Harry wears his on the right.

The 32-year-old Prince has also given Meghan a £5,000 Cartier Love bracelet which is created to be locked with a screwdriver and rarely taken off and is seen as a sign of commitment. Instead, the Suits actress has been photographed wearing a gold band with a diamond on her thumb.

According to reports, the 35-year-old actress only removes the band, which she wears on her thumb, when she shoots scenes for US TV show Suits, in which she plays lawyer Rachel Zane.

The ring is reportedly the latest in a long list of gifts from the smitten prince - he allegedly also bought her a £5000 Cartier Love bracelet, which is created to be locked with a screwdriver and seen as a sign of commitment. He's also given Meghan a Cartier Love bracelet, a gold Maya Brenner necklace with the initials "M" and "H", and a gold arrow ring, which the Daily Mail says also has the letter "H".

Markle and Harry have now been dating for about a year and the relationship is reportedly getting "very serious".

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While she's already agreed to move across the pond for Harry, there's one more hurdle Markle has to jump to reach the proposal stage: meet the Queen!

'Meghan feels close to Harry when she wears jewellery from him and he is very keen on symbolic gestures.

They added: "She's also been neglecting other on-set colleagues, so she's hoping to make amends by introducing them to Harry during an unofficial visit where everyone can relax and he can get to know her friends". "Meghan takes it off for filming but rushes to put it back on afterwards", the source said. But giving Meghan a ring is quite a serious upgrade from beaded bracelets.

He has given all his girlfriends love tokens, especially bracelets.