President Trump's Lawyer: Not Aware of Any Investigation


Multiple sources tell People's Pundit Daily (PPD) that Mr. Mueller hasn't decided on the scope of the investigation, let alone whether it will eventually include President Trump. Now, it seems, it is indeed changing.

At issue is whether special counsel Robert Mueller, who Rosenstein appointed and who reportedly is investigating whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct justice last month by abruptly firing James Comey, will call Rosenstein as a witness.

Sekulow again said Trump is not under investigation, to which Cuomo responded "you don't know whether or not that's true". But two avenues appear clear so far: The lawyers are prepared to paint Mueller's investigative team as somehow politically motivated, or too aligned with the interests of fired FBI Director James Comey; and they will argue the president didn't illegally exert pressure on the investigation. Some other people who know precisely how politicized the legal system has become, and like it that way, will exploit the fact that you are under investigation to stigmatize you.

Can we all stipulate that no one ever wants to be the subject of an investigation? Comey got his wish with the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller.

"Representatives of Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, have quietly contacted high-powered criminal lawyers about potentially representing him in the wide-ranging investigation into Russia's influence on the 2016 election, according to three people briefed on the matter,"The New York Times reported".

Uh, okay: Not the most coherent or persuasive line of argument, perhaps, but here's something that Team Trump will like, via ABC News:Now Mueller faces a huge decision.

In a Trump Administration, he said America comes first and he will deal with the rest of the world from that perspective.

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has oversight authority over the special counsel investigation, has told colleagues he may have to recuse himself. The White House used a memo he wrote to justify Mr Trump's decision to fire Mr Comey, but Mr Trump's firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director may now be part of the probe. "Ah-hah!" they squealed, Trump has confirmed that he is under investigation.

Were Trump's apparent confessions that he fired Comey to relieve the pressure he felt from the Russian Federation investigation enough to warrant a new investigation of Trump for obstruction of justice?

A representative from President Donald Trump's legal team said Trump is not under investigation, despite the President tweeting "I am being investigated" this week. "If you were a target, if you were being investigated, you would be told really quickly into the investigation".

"He's not afraid of the investigation - there is no investigation", Sekulow said, adding, "there is not an investigation of the President of the United States, period".

But White House officials worry that Trump may fire Rosenstein and Mueller, a move that aides are actively against as it could be unconstitutional.

"He's being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination", Sekulow concluded. The lessons of history suggest such traumas raise questions of political legitimacy and constitutional process that have the potential to sour life in Washington for years in the future.

A spokesperson for Kasowitz did not return request for comment about Sekulow's interview.