Pennsylvania supermarket employee kills 3 co-workers, self in store spree


Four people, including the shooter, are dead in a shooting at a Weis Market in Pennsylvania.

Hours after the shooting, mourners left behind flowers and candles outside the Weis on Route 29 for Stair's victim who are Terry Sterling, 63, of South Montrose, Victoria Brong, 25, of Factoryville and Brian Hayes, 47, of Springville.

During Stair's rampage, 59 bullets were shot, and three coworkers were killed.

Weis Market issued a statement about the shooting.

District Attorney Jeff Mitchell is calling 24-year-old Randy Stair's attack at a Weis Market in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Thursday "a mental health situation that utterly spiraled out of control". Stair texted his sleeping mother a suicide note at 12:37 a.m. on Thursday, Mitchell said.

Then, around 1 a.m., Stair blocked all the entrances and exits to the building, including a door which he blocked with his vehicle, retrieved a duffel bag containing his weapons, then systematically gunned down his co-workers one by one. Troopers responded to a report of someone shooting people early Thursday morning. One video described his plans for the grocery store massacre in intricate detail. The media file was named "June 07, 2017 (210am).jpg". One escaped the store, which was closed to the public at the time, as the gunman walked throughout the store firing off approximately 60 rounds.

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A series of chilling social media posts believed to be created by Stair depicted a deeply disturbed and depressed individual who "had enough of this putrid planet" and meant to leave his "mark".

The workplace shooting comes just days after an Orlando, Fla., man shot and killed several of his former co-workers. The video was uploaded on May 11.

That was followed by footage of him loading shotguns and putting on a T-shirt similar to one he wore last night, Mitchell said.

The video footage features Stair praising Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as heroes and he was kissing a loaded weapon.

"We are deeply saddened at this tragic loss of life". "These people went to work and they lost their lives because they went to work". "I had no clue, I didn't hear the news or nothing and now I'm just shocked".