Officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired in unrelated matter


According to CNN, Garmback "will be suspended for 10 days because he violated tactical rules relating to how he drove to the scene that day".

According to the Cleveland Police Department's investigation, within two seconds of getting out of his squad vehicle, officer Timothy Loehmann discharged his firearm and killed the young teen on November 22, 2014. His death became an early touchstone for the Black Lives Matter movement. Loehmann failed to disclose this information in his Cleveland police application.

Mr Loehmann was still in his six-month probationary period when the shooting happened.

Tamir Rice's mother, Samira Rice, said today she is relieved that Loehmann was sacked but believes Garmback should also have been terminated.

Video surveillance showed he fired his weapon two seconds after leaving the patrol auto. On the day of the incident, Loehmann and Garmback responded to a dispatch call in which they were informed about "a black male sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people" in a city park. Officers later found he was holding a pellet gun.

Loehmann shot Tamir less than three seconds after arriving at Cudell Recreation Center.

A county prosecutor announced in December 2015 that Loehmann and Garmback wouldn't be indicted. At the conclusion of the inquiry, the police department chose to fire Loehmann due that tragic incident as well as other circumstances, Buzzfeed reports on Tuesday.

MS says his 18-year-old cousin sacrificed his life to shield him from a gunman's shooting rampage.

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Samaria Rice, Tamir's mother, told WKYC television she was "relieved" that the officer had been sacked but did not agree with the reasons.

"I'm relieved Loehmann was sacked".

In April 2016, the city paid a $6 million settlement to Tamir's family.

"I think we've learned a lot from this incident as well as other incidents that have happened since 2014", he said. "Shame on the City of Cleveland for taking so long to render a decision like this", she said in a phone interview.

"We still need accountability", Rice said.

Cleveland police said they have taken steps to curb the use of deadly force and overhaul their hiring process. "They did not do anything outside of our policy... outside of our training and this is a politically motivated witch hunt", CPPA president Steve Loomis said. An evaluation in the suburban department's file had said Loehmann had a "dismal" handgun performance, broke down in tears at the gun range and was emotionally immature.

"Was it the determining factor in us changing the way we hire?"

"Effective immediately this morning, Patrol Officer Loehmann will be terminated from the Cleveland Division of Police", Cleveland Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath said in a press conference on Tuesday.