North Korea preparing for another nuclear weapons test


South Korean President Moon Jae-in watches a test-firing of an indigenously developed ballistic missile at the state-run Agency for Defense Development in Taean, South Korea.

We've learned North Korea might also be willing to at least temporarily suspend its missile and nuclear tests.

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned that a major conflict with North Korea is possible over its weapons programs, though U.S. officials say tougher sanctions, not military force, are the preferred option.

USA officials believe the test was done to see how the smallest stage of a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile would work.

"My legislation will present a clear choice to all those enabling Pyongyang: you either do business with a nuclear-armed madman who abuses his own people and has just murdered an American or you do business with the world's only economic and military superpower", he said.

Mark Fitzpatrick, International Strategic Studies says, "I Am pretty sure that North Korea would be ready to test a nuclear weapon nearly whenever they make a political decision to do so". But a worrying factor for the that North Korea has showed off what appears to be two variant road-mobile ICBMs.

A group of 32 North Korean delegates and athletes arrived in South Korea on Friday, including ITF president Ri Yong-son and Chang Ung, former ITF chief and the only North Korean member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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"I believe China is making efforts to stop North Korea from making additional provocations, yet there are no tangible results as of yet", Moon said.

Separately, Pyongyang yesterday said the death of USA university student Otto Warmbier soon after his return home in a coma was a mystery. Till now, these road-mobile missiles haven't been tested so the USA does not know whether they work or not. The Obama administration pushed for many sanctions against North Korea in the past years. The children are with the South Korea-based WTF.

"If our demands is met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium [on things] such as weapons testing", Kye said in English in an interview posted on the website of Indian TV station WION.

In such a case, there will be a breakthrough in the impasse over North Korea's nuclear program, he added.

The most recent case of a member of North Korea's Korean People's Army (KFA) defecting across the inter-Korean border - prior to June 13 - took place in September past year, when the JCS announced that a soldier had crossed over the MDL in the area of the "central eastern front".

The test would have involved the upper stage of a multi-stage rocket for use either as a space launch or as an intercontinental ballistic missile.