New God of War Trailer Released


It looks like what you'd expect from God of War - a lot of beasts, a lot of violence.

Yes, Sony has finally given us another glimpse of the next God of War and Kratos Jr. With the Greek gods vanquished in God of War 3, however, Kratos carries out a brutal campaign in a snowy region with a different pantheon.

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Not only is Kratos's son depicted running through harsh weather conditions in very unsuitable clothing (I know Kratos is pretty much just wearing a shoulder pad, but he's at least a demigod), but he's also thrown in some alarming situations and taught to handle them all with as much violence as physically possible. Thankfully, his son Atreus is able to assist him in battle, shooting arrows, or helping to find an enemy's weak spot. At the end of the gameplay trailer we got to see the gameplay reveal date as being Early 2018, which tends to suggest that it will be March 2018. There was also a nice throwback to the story from the first God of War confirmed that it is indeed a full featured sequel.