New Days Gone gameplay at Sony's E3 press conference


Last year, they debuted the first trailer for their new, The Walking Dead-esque zombie survival game, "Days Gone".

The new demo showcased actual gameplay from the highly anticipated title. In a good mix between intense hand-to-hand combat and calculated stealth, players got more of a feel for protagonist Deacon St. John than what we have previously seen. It focuses more on the open world aspect of the game rather than the zombie horde combat that we saw past year. He sets up a trap to nab one of them and while the others are distracted, he sneaks past them. The fresh video tells a lot more about the vast open world game with its incredible gameplay mechanism. Based on the gameplay, we're getting plenty of The Last of Us vibes, which isn't a bad thing at all. On Monday night we got yet another, longer look at what we can expect when this Sony exclusive finally does launch.

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At the very least, Days Gone's deciduous forest setting and environments are looking a bit more vibrant.