Microsoft Subtly Refines Surface Pro Into a More Capable Laptop


I genuinely believe that the Surface line of products contains great potential for photographers and look forward to what the future holds. He's essentially its father, too. Touted as a flawless blend of portable and powerful, the new Surface Pro (no longer burdened with a model number) aims to appeal to mobile creative professionals as a ideal companion to their art. And this makes even less sense now that Microsoft has a laptop SKU *and* Surface Book.

That's been done through a steady refinement of the product and a broadening of the Surface ideal into all-in-ones, performance convertibles and now traditional laptops.

It has a 2,736 x 1,824-resolution touchscreen, with support for Microsoft's pressure sensitive stylus - the Surface Pen - and it comes in a handful of impressive configurations, all running Windows 10 Pro.

Panay told Mashable that those stores serve an important goal.

Microsoft notes there are some limitations on this Office version for the Windows Store.

"They're critical", he said.

The increasing power and capability of the iPad line obviously has nothing to do with Microsoft or its Surface tablets - like every other company that sells smartphones, tablets, and/or computers, Apple's products grow more and more powerful as technologies improve. He has a good point - who really works like this anymore?

Now, with five different Surfaces to choose from (including the big Surface Hub digital "whiteboard"), this kind of in-person guidance, and the ability to touch and try the products, can make all the difference. And while powerful, it is not a platform where you'll want to create huge files with tons of layers. "The versatile one, the performant, or the personal one?' and they can sit there and tell you a story for each one".

"You have to be long-term focused when you come to this market". Or just buy the much more affordable Surface Pro 4.

"It is about pride and craftsmanship".

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Microsoft is planning to release a dongle that will plug into the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices and provide USB-C support. IOS was designed with touch in mind and therefore, anyone can pick up an IOS device and know how to use it. Windows 10 is getting better for touch but it still isn't totally optimized. Thereafter, it'll cost about $49 to make that switch.

For those looking to deploy these in the corporate world, if you are familiar with the Surface brand there are no surprises here.

The question becomes if you should buy one. For consumers, there are no bundle pricing options. The pen tracks faster and more accurately and the digital ink flows smoothly for more natural results.

Ars TechnicaThe Surface Laptop is sleek and elegant, but it's just a laptop.

Microsoft's new Windows 10 S operating system offering a new Windows experience is now available to customers through the new Surface Laptop. Microsoft says this is to protect users (primarily students) from malware and to ensure the maximum possible battery life (Microsoft claims up to 14.5 hours for video playback).

The way the (slightly iffy) keyboard attaches to the (too heavy) tablet screen is quite brilliant, and as an exercise in trying to pretend that a full-powered laptop is really a tablet, the Surface Pro is as good as it gets.

Personally, I would always recommend the Surface Laptop (once you've used your free upgrade to Windows Pro) over this, to 95% of potential buyers.

Panay is not concerned about the reception to this restriction.

A bigger question, however, is how hard it is to get something potentially problematic into the Microsoft Store, a question we base on the amount of awful apps that made their way into the Microsoft Windows Phone app store, something which let down the Windows Phone ecosystem very quickly. Unless the software you're planning to use has been specifically tweaked for touch, such as the multitude of illustration apps available, you'll find the tablet side of the Surface Pro extremely lacking.