Micheal Bay Strikes Again with "Transformers 5" Shot in Native Stereoscopic 3D


Other actors in the film include celebrities like Lennox, played by Josh Duhamel, the military man from the previous movies; Jimmy, played by Jerrod Carmichael, Cade's jokey sidekick; and Izabella, played by Isabela Moner, the requisite adorable child.

It goes without saying that the Transformers franchise has never been a critical darling. Unsurprisingly, the newest film, "The Last Knight" had its world premiere in China on June 13 and celebrated the franchise's 10th anniversary there.

"Transformers: The Last Knight" opens in theaters on June 21 in the United States and on June 22 in the UK and Australia.

Don't worry, we're also losing count here; nonetheless, number five in the Michael Bay franchise is titled Transformers: The Last Knight - and no, the last knight isn't Sam Witwicky (thank goodness). However, several have been successful in the wake of "Transformers": films like 2009's "G.I".

Wednesday is the first official day of summer, which means it is time for more Transformers - just what you have been asking for, right?

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"So it has a very distinct idea in it, and then whatever is gonna happen with the chemistry is what's gonna happen, but it really is a young female lead opposite Bumblebee, and I think Optimus is gonna be jealous that Bumblebee has his own movie".

"It's unbelievable and it's inspiring, you know, to just kind of drive down the street and see that people, you know, won't be told (how) to live their lives". The first of 14 (!) more Transformers movies in development will be Bumblebee, the '80s-set prequel for the lovable yellow Autobot. Cade is working with a collection of Autobots to help good Transformers in need. What to do? To stop Megatron, Sir Edmund needs the staff of Merlin (Stanley Tucci, disguised in the hope that maybe his fans won't recognize him). There also are nice moments with Drift (Ken Watanabe's voice), a samurai designer bot; Hot Rod (Omar Sy), a slick French-accented newer model; and Cogman (Downton Abbey's Jim Carter), the smart-talking butler bot to Lord Burton.

Even grading on a curve, "Transformers: The Last Knight" is a bloated, tedious sequel, one that spends gobs of time explaining a disjointed plot whose parameters barely come into focus.

By the end of the weekend, there will be 26 new movies out in theaters. Yes, the past two Transformers films have both crossed the $1 billion mark, but how much longer can that continue? We definitely recommend that you see the movie for yourself!

"You imagine that so much of the filming process uses CGI but Michael Bay actually loves to blow things up and had huge explosions buried in the ground and hanging from cranes, as well as fire jets and smoke machines".