Mayor, Governor Vow to Do More on Climate After Paris Accord Withdrawal


Premier Li and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will address a business conference in Brussels, before joining European Council President Donald Tusk for the summit.

"India's resolve to take up the leadership of saving the planet from climate change while others abrogate their leadership", he said, further adding that India has led the focus on Sustainable lifestyles in Paris agreement.

Oil prices fell Friday on concern that the US exit from Paris could lead to increased production and a continuation of the glut of crude.

The government of one of Africa's largest economies said the decision damaged the rule of law and "trust between nations", adding that the US has a "moral obligation" to support poorer countries in the global effort against climate change.

The World Meteorological Organization said the U.S. withdrawal from the emissions-cutting accord could add 0.3 degrees Celsius to global temperatures by the end of the century in "a worst-case scenario".

Given the misinformation coming from the White House, climate experts who can separate fact from fiction are needed more than ever on TV news. "This administration is abdicating its leadership and taking a backseat to other countries in the global fight against climate change".

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So far, about 170 mayors have signed a statement that vows to "adopt, honor and uphold the commitments to the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement". By abandoning the world's chief effort to slow the tide of planetary warming, Trump was fulfilling a top campaign pledge after weeks of building up suspense over his decision.

However, many economists think Paris would be roughly a trade-off - fewer jobs in polluting industries would be offset by more in renewable energy. "Climate change is real", said CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

Tillerson said people need to recognize that the USA has a "terrific record" of reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, adding that it is "something I think we can be proud of". Responding to Trump's pointing to his city, Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto called the decision "disastrous for our planet, for cities such as Pittsburgh", and a step that "has made America weaker and the world less safe". "The Paris Agreement was just another example of the Obama Administration circumventing Congress to push a politically driven agenda at the expense of American workers and taxpayers".

"At what point does America get demeaned?" The decision has no direct impact on major US regulations on power plants and vehicle rules now aimed at reducing carbon emissions, although those are now under review by Trump as well. The mayor of that city, along with 29 other mayors, three state governors, over 80 university presidents, and over 100 businesses have banded together to commit to the Paris Accord without the president.

More worrisome than the long-term guesses could be the expected tariffs on US carbon emitters slapped on by other countries.