LG V30 could launch in August, G7 in January


Then again, LG may wanna try to capture some of the crowd Samsung will scavenge up with the Galaxy Note 8 which is also expected to launch during the August month. Samsung has already been rumored to be tempting fate by rushing the Galaxy Note 8 out the door.

The LG G7 is now under development and this isn't surprising considering flagship phones are designed and manufactured months before the official launch.

Assuming the LG V30 rolls out some time during the Galaxy Note 8 later this year, both of these would be duking it out for bragging rights as the latest best flagship, as least until the iPhone 8 is released.

Samsung did the same thing past year by announcing the Galaxy Note 7 early in August, but that ended up being a disaster. Perhaps LG simply wants to replicate that same kind of success with the V30. The LG G6 was announced at MWC 2017 at the end of February, but it wasn't actually available for a while after that. As for the other flagship from LG, the LG V30, it is set to be on sale in August 2017.

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The Investor reports that LG is planning an August launch for the LG V30, a little over a month earlier than the LG V20's launch previous year. The LG G6 was launched a month before Samsung's Galaxy S8. If true, this would be completely be out of sync with LG's usual product reveal during the Mobile World Congress. The LG G6 was designed really well but for some reason, the modular idea didn't get the attention of the consumers.

While LG has chose to break from "tradition" of unleashing their latest flagship at MWC each year, perhaps a January 2018 release of the LG G7 is a smart idea.

"Nothing has been decided on the launch schedule of the upcoming phones", an LG spokesperson said.

Samsung and TSMC have already started trial production of this manufacturing process to secure as many partners as possible, and it looks like the G7 is also going to be the recipient of the Snapdragon 845. Provided that the information is accurate, this would mean that we might see an announcement for the G7 as early as next January.