Labour closing gap in opinion polls after 'wobbly week' for Tories


"The difference in the polls in this election is easy to understand - it is nearly wholly to do with how pollsters treat turnout", YouGov pollster Anthony Wells said in a blog post."Generally speaking, the polls that continue to show a large Conservative lead are those who are basing their turnout models on the pattern of turnout in 2015".

Theresa May calls snap electionWho are the main parties?

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said while May was no longer certain of increasing her parliamentary majority, she was sceptical about suggestions the Conservatives would lose their current slim majority.

Mr Starmer said he looked forward to removing the word "shadow" from their title after polling day.

Even a weak win will defeat Mrs May's gamble in calling the election. If you're going to be negotiating with the European Union, you've got to be prepared to say to these blighters "We're not going to do a deal with you".

Theresa May on Friday night faced angry questions about public services and her policy U-turns, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled over his attitude to nuclear weapons as polls continued to tighten ahead of next week's general election.

Her speech came as a YouGov poll for "The Times" puts her ruling Tory party on 42 per cent, down one point since the end of last week, with Labour up three on 39 per cent and the Liberal Democrats down two points on 7 per cent - at par with the far-right, anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Nothing illustrated the slide better than a televised debate on Wednesday.

While Ms. May has an approval rating of 43% according to the poll conducted by YouGov for The Times, (Mr. Corbyn has 30%), a movement has also been gathering against her, with a protest song branding her a "liar liar" topped the United Kingdom iTunes chart this week (it is now No. 2).

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If the latest polls are wrong - and they have previously underestimated Conservative support - and May wins a sizeable victory, she will axe current finance minister Philip Hammond and replace him with interior minister Amber Rudd, the Daily Telegraph reported.

"The first rule of leadership is to show up", said Caroline Lucas, the co-head of the Green Party.

"Inevitably as the campaign goes on, the focus begins to sharpen".

As we in Northern Ireland have already discovered, Mrs May is not the impressive figure others think she is and certainly her limited engagement to date does not suggest a prime minister taking a close interest in issues including the collapse of power-sharing and the impact of a hard border. However she would rather walk away from the negotiating table than agree a deal that hurt the UK.

Failure to win an outright Conservative majority would leave May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn scrambling to find partners to support a new government.

Alone among European leaders, Ms May had only a lukewarm response to U.S. president Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

The findings follow a clutch of recent polls which have suggested the gap between the parties is narrowing.

"They need to help people".

"But the brighter future we want for our country will not just happen". Pundits predicted she might add 100-200 seats to her side of the House of Commons, and Labour might sink to as few as 150 seats.