Karen Pence installs beehive at vice president's residence


The vice president mentioned the many cities around the world that have suffered from these attacks, including Manchester, Paris, Istanbul, and Berlin. He said not to pray for a particular agenda, but just pray and "pray with confidence".

During his roughly 25-minute address, the vice president said that Mr. Trump's meeting with Pope Francis last month was "lengthy and meaningful", and he said the pair agreed to work together on the three issues that Mr. Pence highlighted during his speech. "My mother would be so proud", he said, "This honestly feels like coming home to me".

The vice president focused on areas where the administration's policy goals align with Catholic priorities and said that the Trump administration has already taken important steps to protect religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.

"Catholicism has made an indelible mark on the American spirit", Pence said to over 1,200 attendees.

Pence has been an anti-abortion, anti-Planned Parenthood crusader for a long time. He mentioned Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland - the last signer of the Declaration of Independence to pass away. He pointed to many that came from across the world to America for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, but most of all "it was the freedom to practice their faith that is the birthright of every American". All the great American Catholics gathered here, let me assure you this morning, bright and early, at this prayer breakfast: "American Catholics have an ally in President Donald Trump".

"Life is winning in America again", he said.

The order, which granted "regulatory relief" to religious organizations fighting the previous administration's contraception mandate, was nonetheless criticized by certain religious-freedom advocates as being not broad enough.

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Pence recalled on Tuesday that he received the sacrament of confirmation as a youth, with the name "Michael Richard Christopher Pence". "President Trump will continue to fight to ensure that every American has the freedom to follow the dictates of their conscience and add their voices and their values to the lovely tapestry of America's national life". Pence added that Trump stands for religious liberty not only in America but across the world. On February 18, Pence spoke with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members in Munich while Trump spent another weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Bee populations are on the decline in the USA and around the world - largely the result of increasing pesticide use and habitat loss - putting some species at risk of extinction.

"It seems that the practitioners of terror harbor a special hatred for followers of Christ, and none more so than the barbarians known as ISIS", he said. "Your faith has moved mountains, and the Catholic Church and its millions of parishioners have been a force for good in our communities large and small throughout our land, throughout our history". "This must end. This will end".

It also went unmentioned that the Trump administration delayed listing the rusty patched bumble bee as endangered, recently unwound an attempt to ban a particularly risky pesticide that causes nervous system damage in children, and is generally following an anything-goes policy when it comes to environmental degradation.

"We will continue to stand with our allies and take the fight to the terrorists on our terms, on their soil until we drive the cancer of terrorism from the face of the earth", said Pence.

The Vice President reaffirmed Trump's support for life shown in reinstating "Mexico City Policy to prevent taxpayer funding from organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas", adding that the policy was recently expanded to cover almost $9 billion in foreign aid.