Jury in Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial Deadlocked


They've been deliberating for almost 40 hours over four days. He will return to the courthouse Friday morning for the fifth day of deliberations.

A hung jury would represent a clear victory for Cosby, who would avoid what could have been years in prison for three counts of aggravated indecent assault. According to the Associated Press, the judge told them to keep trying to arrive at a decision. They looked more upbeat than previous nights. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, center, and Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kristen, left, enter the courtroom during jury deliberations in Bill Cosy's sexual assault trial at t.

"The record has been broken for Montgomery County, for deliberations, Wyatt said".

Cosby could face ten years in prison for each count if convicted.

Joe Molinaro says "it was very surreal" to meet "the big-time celebrity". They wanted to know what is "reasonable doubt".

Cosby pleaded not guilty and has repeatedly denied allegations of wrongdoing. In a rarity for such a trial, we got to hear directly from the accused, not just the complainant, Canadian Andrea Constand. The former basketball player posted a video to Twitter of her passing the time by shooting hoops on a mini-backboard. It ended with a phrase scrolling down the screen reading: "ALWAYS FOLLOW THROUGH". But he says he no longer had them when he met accuser Andrea Constand in 2002 at Temple University. Johnson told jurors Cosby sexually assaulted her in strikingly similar fashion in 1996. He is accused of sexually assaulting the then 31-year-old Constand in January 2004 inside his Elkins Park home. "The jury foreman has informed me that you are deadlocked", O'Neill said during court.

"My gut feeling is that they have at least one or two jurors hung", said Cohen, who past year represented former-Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in a battery case. But the atmosphere remained calm, with accusers and supporters even holding hands at times.

Lili Bernard, another alleged Cosby sexual assault survivor, clashed with Cosby supporters outside the courthouse Thursday afternoon.

The jury's note, delivered a few minutes after 11 a.m. on Thursday, raised the possibility that the closely watched case might end in a mistrial, leaving it to prosecutors to decide whether to seek a retrial. If the panel can't break its impasse, O'Neill could declare a hung jury and a mistrial.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman in his Philadelphia-area home in 2004.

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Ms Constand and her mother were in court for the announcement from the jurors.

Cosby's lawyer said he and Constand were lovers sharing a consensual moment of intimacy.

Retrial would be costly, she said, and she worries that further dragging out Cosby's prosecution might push it out of the realm of public concern.

He did not take the stand in his sexual assault trial. Twice Thursday, Judge Steven O'Neill instructed the panel to work toward a decision.

In it, he claimed Constand showed no ill effects from the 1½ Benadryl pills he gave her to help her relax and that she never objected to his behavior during the encounter. "And he drugged me and raped me against my will". One required the jury to find that Constand could not "consent", another that she was "unconscious", and a third that Cosby "administered an intoxicant".

Jurors showed little reaction to the judge's instruction.

The sequestered jury has been at it for more than 27 hours since getting the case Monday.

Pausing half-dozen time to revisit evidence.

Constand's case was the exception.