Iran calls missile attack on Syria militants a wider warning


Tehran- 'The enemy can not slap us, we'll slap them!' only a few hours after Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued the warning to Iran's enemies during a meeting with families of Iranians martyred in Syria, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched 6 missile strikes at ISIL command centers in Syria's Deir Ezzur in retaliation for the June 7 twin terrorist attacks in Tehran on Sunday.

The Guard said the strike was "in retaliation" for June 7 attacks in Tehran that killed 17 people in the first IS-claimed operations in the country.

Deir el-Zour is home to both Islamic State militants and civilians.

The statement also promised more retribution attacks should Iran fall victim to any more terror attacks.

The U.S. military confirmed a U.S. F-18 Super Hornet shot down Sunday a Syrian SU-22 after it dropped bombs near the U.S. partner forces, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, aligned with the Americans in the fight against the Islamic State group.

"This is an area in which I think most people can agree Iran was very legitimate in taking defensive action and sending a warning about the fact that the people of Iran and the territory of Iran is and should be and will be completely off limits to terrorists".

The strike was described by Gen. Ramazan Sharif of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as "successful", but "limited", but security sources in Israel breathed a sigh of relief as the missile strike didn't hit all its intended targets as Iran claimed, reported Ynet News. The national TV showed footages of missile attacks launched from western Iran. It is a derivative of the Fateh-110 missile, and was first test-fired in 2016, and has been featured in Iranian military parades.

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Iran's weapons programme is also a major concern for its Sunni arch-rival Saudi Arabia.

IRGC forces, most likely from the paramilitary group's missile corps, fired six Zolfaqar ballistic missiles at ISIS forces in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard warned that it would retaliate similarly against anyone else carrying out attacks in Iran.

The Russian defense ministry said in a statement on Monday that it was suspending the deal after the US military confirmed that it downed a Syrian Air Force fighter jet on Sunday after it dropped bombs near USA partner forces.

Netanyahu has been a vocal opponent of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, charging that Tehran is aiming to achieve nuclear weapons.

That puts the missile in range of the forward headquarters of the U.S. military's Central Command in Qatar, American bases in the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet in Bahrain.