IOS 11: Here are the best features in Apple's new operating system


iOS 11 will come with ARKit, which will let developers create AR experiences on the iPhone and iPad. While Siri was previously available on the Apple Watch, the assistant's ability to automatically show information was limited.

It can also monitor trends or interests and offer you up content or suggestions based on your activity across all your Apple devices. "If your app has a login screen, I have information for you".

A new Accessibility feature allows you to enable "Type to Siri", which will allow users to type a question for Siri rather than using voice commands. Payments can be verified using TouchID, with the service being made available to all devices running iOS 11, as well as on the Apple Watch.

On stage at the event in San Jose, California, Apple executives demonstrated how, if a user were reading an article about Iceland, the Apple News app would start suggesting more articles about Iceland, and the its Messages app would automatically emphasize correct spellings for Icelandic destinations. Using the Settings app, users can select what is displayed in the Control Center and are able to choose from options including Low Power Mode, Notes, Text Size, Wallet, Screen Recording, Apple TV Remote controls and more. Overall it looks less cluttered compared to the Control Centre on iOS 10. You can even get a little more granular than that by being able to also see a particular kind of game. Users will be able to get detailed floor plans for some malls and airports, including specific vendors on each floor. The update adds a speed limit guidance and lane navigation.

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iOS 11 brings with it a number of useful new features for those using an iPad, such as a drag and drop option which should make moving things around much easier.

The company used a JetBlue flight reservation as an example of a potential integration with a third-party mobile app.

For the first time since its launch, Apple has completely redesigned the App Store experience on iOS - meaning that not only will it be easier for you to find and download apps, but it should also make for a cleaner experience in general.

The redesigned store includes a Today tab that will feature new releases, popular apps, recommended tips and how-to guides.