Hong Kong marks 28 years since bloody Tiananmen crackdown


"If he is afraid of this June 4, "89 liquor, then I believe he should be even more concerned about Hong Kong peoples" candlelight".

While the last individual known to have been imprisoned for his involvement in the 1989 pro-democracy protests was released in October 2016, many other participants have been re-incarcerated for their continuing pro-democracy activism, including Nobel Peace Prize victor Liu Xiaobo, Sichuan activists Liu Xianbin and Chen Wei, and Guangdong activist Guo Feixiong.

In Zhuzhou, at least eight members of an activist group were taken away by police and two others couldn't be reached, activists and rights groups said.

China's Communist Party rulers sent tanks on June 4, 1989, to quell the protests in and around Beijing's Tiananmen Square, and has never released a death toll.

Though previous year competing events did not have much effect on turnout - more than 125,000 took part in the Victoria Park vigil and thousands more participated in alternative commemorations - the Alliance has taken measures to attract young people back to the rally.

Hong Kong people should instead focus their attention on local political movements, such as the Umbrella Movement of 2014 and the Fishball Revolution in Mong Kok in 2016. "Those young people came out and did all they could for freedom and democracy but didn't achieve it".

They called for the release of the four Chinese dissidents arrested past year for bottling the baijiu in a bid to raise awareness about the crackdown.

In the image, 10 "tanks" appear in Chang'an Avenue, north of Tiananmen Square, in a clear reference to the pro-democracy demonstrations during June 3-4, 1989 when the army entered the city to disperse thousands of demonstrators, leaving a number of civilians dead.

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A big screen played footage of the Tiananmen crackdown and interviews with some of the mothers of the victims, while activists delivered tributes to those who died.

This year's events are especially politically charged, coming just a month before an expected visit of President Xi Jinping to mark 20 years since Hong Kong was handed back to China. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen yesterday wrote on Facebook that the Tiananmen demonstrators inspired a whole generation.

Still, pro-democracy protesters filled an area equivalent to six soccer fields at Hong Kong's Victoria Park with thousands of candles. However, experts estimate that anywhere from several hundred to several thousand were killed.

In a short statement in English, carried by China's official Xinhua news agency late on Monday, China's foreign ministry said the government had "already made definitive conclusions on the political turbulence in the late 1980s".

"The longer time draws out, the more "justice debt" the Chinese Communist Party accumulates and the more important remembering Tiananmen Square becomes", said Wuer Kaixi, a former Tiananmen student activist and member of the Uyghur minority group who resides in Taiwan.

The Tiananmen Square protests were born out of peaceful protests held in public in several Chinese cities in April 1989, calling for freedom of expression and an end to government corruption.

"When Xi Jinping comes, he'll know the people of Hong Kong have not forgotten", pro-democracy activist Lee Cheuk-yan told Reuters.