Gun debate under Trump tested by congressman's shooting


Wednesday's shooting at a congressional baseball practice marked the first high-profile test of Trump-era gun politics.

"I was heartened to hear that the congressional baseball game will still be played this evening", Schumer said. Loudermilk noted that one of his staffers keeps a 9mm handgun in his auto when in Georgia but does not have a firearm with him in the D.C. area because of legal restrictions in the city.

Despite the day's carnage, there was no immediate indication that President Donald Trump or his fellow Republicans would shift from their position protecting gun ownership rights. If there is one common factor in gun crimes, however, it's this: guns. "People are going to criticize that you're bringing up gun control at this time". "Liberals Already Using Shooting To Call For Gun Control", read a headline in the conservative website Daily Caller. But, if past mass shootings are any guide, today's events won't alter the debate on an issue that, as much as any other, reflects the state of political polarization in this country.

But 24 hours later, there was no indication that the "everything" Bishop referred to encompasses his skepticism toward any new restrictions on gun ownership, a stance that earned him an A/A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.

Schumer said Wednesday's shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and four others at a baseball field in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Va., was "a senseless act of violence" that has left members of Congress shaken.

"Republicans have proven impervious to mass shootings and I don't think you'll see any reforms now", said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and gun policy expert. We agree on the goal, and there ARE solutions backed by 93 percent of Americans to get us there.

The Republican-controlled House recently opposed expanding background checks for gun buyers and limiting access to assault rifles. Oregon, for instance, passed a law in 2015 requiring background checks on private gun sales.

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"Right now, there's a moment for us to unify", she said.

The governor gave a false statistic that "93 million" die every day due to gun violence, before he corrected himself to say "93 individuals".

Gun control groups are fighting federal legislation that would relax existing gun laws, especially after Republicans backed by the NRA fared well in last November's elections.

Gross said that despite the House vote, the measure "is not going anywhere in the Senate".

A congressional hearing to debate gun legislation was even supposed to take place on Wednesday, but it was canceled.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, responded to the incident that occurred in his state by making a case for gun control reform while simultaneously maintaining that what happened is not about gun control - presumably, to quell any speculation that this stunt was somehow orchestrated by Democrats to push their gun control agenda.

Members of Congress like Loudermilk and Collins can't think of any other solution except gun escalation, because to do anything other than escalate would mean admitting that they've been wrong about the role of guns in society for years (that role being that owning any and all guns conceived of by humankind, no matter how technologically complex, deadly and created to kill as many people as efficiently as possible, is an inalienable right foreseen by short-life-span having men in 1791).