Greenpeace in Spain protests Trump climate decision


Almost two years ago, University of Minnesota faculty and staff travelled to Paris to watch world leaders broker the Paris Climate Agreement. If adhered to by its signatories, the agreement signals the end of the fossil fuel era by midcentury, well within the life spans of many landscape architects now practicing. This will impose severe limits on landscape architecture's materials, construction methods, and professional mobility.

"Countries around the world must seize the opportunity to unleash this potential, invest in renewable energy that eliminates harmful carbon pollution, and build economies that are more resilient, inclusive and prosperous". It connects the U.S.' "hostile policy" towards the Korean peninsula as a reason for its nuclear weapons program and says those who blindly follow the Trump administration "should be fully aware that the judgment of history shall take them all as one".

Polling results from Yale University's Climate Change in the American Mind survey conducted after the US election show that 73 per cent of Trump voters would like to see the USA use more renewable energy. Far from following the USA move backward, other countries are moving ahead even more rapidly with clean energy innovation. It has just become the world's biggest producer of solar energy.

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He said the challenge for supporters of the Paris agreement is to persuade enough states and the electorate that there is a greater benefit to future generations to make the financial investment to reduce emissions. Trump's decision has already been met with criticism from sources at home and overseas, including several Michigan-based businesses, such as Dow Chemical Co. and Kellogg Co. It is cheaper than coal, and will reduce emissions. However, the rest of America is asking the world to see this time of Trump as an aberration. We're all in when it comes to clean energy.

North Korea wasn't the only body politic to criticize Trump for his decision to pull out of the agreement. That's how we keep the promise of Paris alive. Of those to whom much is given, much is expected, and we Americans are blessed with more prosperity and power than most nations.

Branson cited last October's historic agreement by 24 countries and the European Union to create the world's largest marine protected area in the Ross Sea next to Antarctica.