Google Play's new Android Excellence collections highlight the very best in apps


The main goal of this new program is to really show off what high-quality apps are available on the app store.

Google rolled out the smart reply feature to the Gmail app for Android after the Google I/O 2017 Conference.

Many of these malicious apps are available to download in the Google Play store and a proportion claim to protect the user against WannaCry - even though the ransomware doesn't target mobile devices. This allows them to monetize the apps through different forms of ad formats that appear in-app.

The revamped curation and Android Excellence collections are already live on mobile, and is in line with what Apple is planning to do with iOS 11 later this year.

Google has added few fixes and performance enhancements to the App.

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As you can see, the above applications aren't new, which means that any quality app that is well maintained can get a chance to be featured in the rotation.

One kind of bad part about the new Android Excellence Program is that the items will be refreshed only quarterly.

More than 70 percent of smartphone apps are reporting personal data to third-party companies like Google and Facebook, a new study has warned. Apple has made some major changes to the look and feel of its App Store and going beyond just giving a list of apps in the store, there would be a lot of information on the background to the app's development, the way to use the app and some interviews and so on. The good news though for the app developers is that this could help generate more revenue for their games. They can be found within the revamped Editors' Choice section of the Play Store, which includes app and game reviews curated by Google's editorial team.

Last month, Google spotlighted the winners of its second annual Google Play Awards.

There is quite a bit of commonality between the two things, after all, Google is recognizing the best of the best. However, Google wants to go one step further.