Google Just Made it Easier to Search Art


Google wants to make art experts out of everyone.

The art-loving audience might be larger than you may think, with some 500 million art-related searches being performed on Google on a monthly basis.

Working together, both teams have improved how Search understands and recognizes artwork, including knowing the connections between the artists, materials used, their respective art period, and where to visit the artwork in person.

Google Street View is also getting some more art-friendly features. When Googling the names of certain artists, specific works, or art movements, a new panel will appear in search results that shows helpful tidbits such as museums where the work is now on display or high-resolution images of certain pieces. You get an interactive knowledge panel with information on artists, related works, and more. High-resolution images are also included so you can appreciate the art more.

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In any event, one SEO asked Google's Gary Illyes if he ever got an email from an SEO offering them SEO services specifically aimed at helping Google rank well in Google for [google].

So for example, if you are wandering inside a museum on the Street View web or mobile app, you will now see annotations besides each painting, giving you basic information about them.

To create this feature, we put our visual recognition software to work. Even in search results, you'll be treated with high resolution images that you can zoom and see to your satisfaction.

The tech has been borrowed from the machine learning used in Google Photos which allows users to search for items in their gallery. But Niccolai says education wasn't Google's primary goal with these new features: "It's just about search being able to derive the best answers to peoples' questions". Dive in. Who knows-with a stroke of luck, you may find yourself art!